100 Small Steps That Can Make a Difference (Part 2 of 4)

26. Use both sides of paper
27. Turn heating down 1 degree
28. Return old cell phones
29. Drive smart - plan your trip
30. Wrap water heater in blanket
31. Install low-flow showerheads
32. Wash clothes in warm or cold
33. Lights off when you exit a room
34. Use a lunch box, not paper bag
35. Give cloth diapers a chance
36. Pick up litter and recycle it
37. Take shorter showers
38. Choose Green-E products
39. Buy the largest size practical
40. Tune up your car’s engine
41. Donate used books
42. Seal drafts around windows
43. Leave your car at home for a day
44. Don’t idle car for more than 10 sec.
45. Think before you print
46. Look for Energy Star appliances
47. Unload your car of excess weight
48. Don’t buy veggies in trays
49. Choose an energy-efficient vehicle
50. Fix leaking faucets

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