2012 – Just Another Year?

Q: What information are you getting about 2012?

A: I was pretty young when I first started hearing about 2012 and how many cultures said it would mark the end of the world. I tended to be a worried child, so actually spent some quality time thinking I wouldn’t live past 51 (if the world ended June 21, 2012) or 52 (if it was Dec. 21, 2012). I think I stepped up my adventure level a touch in high school and college just for that purpose. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

It wasn’t until I got deeply into my spiritual work that I started getting my own information about 2012, and it had taken a different road than what the Mayans or Nostradamus (or anyone else) had previously predicted. In honor of all of the books and even movies that are being released about 2012, I think it’s time to revisit this hot topic and take this opportunity to present my own version of what I think is going on, and what I think will happen, in these next few years.

Remember: this is just my opinion — what I know and have seen. Nobody really knows for sure. (That goes for every other kind of “expert” advice you may read or hear as well. This is all completely new — unwritten, unknown, uncharted — territory, my friends.)

As we move into the future, it’s sometimes helpful to see what’s come before, to see a timeline so that we might understand why certain things happened, and why exactly our future course has been altered. In 1987, we experienced the Harmonic Convergence. I remember hearing about it, but to date I still don’t even know what it was supposed to be about. But on MY end, the summer of 1987 was the time that it was decided that the world would NOT remain on its crash course to destruction.

Why not? Because before that, the world was getting darker, more violent, denser. We were on a steady spiritual decline, and our inevitable outcome could possibly lead to self-destruction. It’s simple physics. If you keep moving in a particular direction, eventually you’re going to end up at a specific place. But upon looking at us sweet humans more closely, it was thought that maybe we had enough light in us, enough spiritual awareness, that we could do something different other than just walking toward our doom.

But what? Hey - how about amping up the Light, that spiritual energy, that high frequency of power, and try to clear up all of the density and darkness? Would it be possible to become 100% Soul Conscious (aware and enlightened) while IN our physical bodies? I don’t know, let’s give it a try.

So at that point, Earth’s destiny took a different road. Think of it as coming to a fork in the road, and taking the road less traveled (okay, NEVER traveled before). At that time (if you were alive, or can remember back that far), think of what you were doing and thinking. A lot of people started ‘waking up’ - leaving relationships, taking new jobs, going back to school, changing their lives. At the beginning this was all very gradual, and didn’t require too many changes. But a lot of us could tell something was different somehow.

But this process of bringing in the new and cleaning out the old wasn’t happening fast enough - the heavy, old energy was still spreading faster than the light, new energy could replace it (think water pouring out of the hot AND cold water spigots at the same time, but the cold has more water pouring out of it - hard to shift the temperature of that tub of water to warm at that rate, right?).

So the new energy had to be amped up even more. This power boost was first felt most keenly on January 1, 1990. Again, think back to what you were doing - it was a HUGE surge, and served to jumpstart many more people into making changes. It now wasn’t so easy just to bury our heads in the sand and not make necessary changes.

So the adjustments started - what I call the energy shifts (remember: shift happens). Lulls of relative tranquility followed by periods of upheaval (I even posted a list of what I call “Ascension Symptoms” because people were getting so afraid of these new feelings they were experiencing in their lives – current ones include fatigue, aching joints, lower back and neck pain, and erratic sleep patterns).

I liken these ups and downs to labor pains. Guys, bear with me (hah - I just made a labor joke!). There is this beautiful new life within us, and in order to bring it into the world, we need to do it in waves. First the pain, then the rest. Otherwise it would just be too difficult. The burst of new energy comes into our lives, we feel all sorts of things, but then we get a brief period where we can catch our breaths and integrate what’s just happened. It also gives us time to make the necessary changes that the shift has just facilitated.

But just as in labor, these waves kept getting bigger and bigger, as our progress was assessed and necessary adjustments made. Overall, the depth of our density was vastly underestimated. That is to say, we were a lot more messed up than originally thought. Why? Because when humans were first created, it was thought that we could start each life fresh, with no baggage. I’m talking physical and spiritual.

But the world was a lot more difficult to inhabit than initially known (again, remember - this is all new stuff here - spirit coming into material form). So if someone contracted a disease in one lifetime, that disease would stay in the person’s DNA and they would pass it on to the next generation of humans. Disease (cancers, mutations, weaknesses, etc.) started creating imperfect DNA, so that every generation got a little more mucked up (like walking through the mud in your boots and picking up more mud with each step).

On the spiritual level, traumatic incidents in one life actually carried over into the person’s next life as well. So over the centuries, more and more muck (the mud on our boots) accumulated both in our spiritual realm AND our physical realm. Much housecleaning was necessary in the form of this spiritual water “hosing down.”

With each energy shift, another layer of this “mud” was washed off. But as the mud was washed off, we could also feel parts of our known lives falling away, and that caused great anxiety. Where would this all end? Would there be any of our previous lives left when the rest was washed away? Even though everything in our lives wasn’t perfect, it was known, and that brings some level of comfort, doesn’t it?

But I tell people it’s like the story of the Golden Buddha. There was a clay Buddha that was in a temple for hundreds of years. One day they were moving it to another temple, and it fell and broke. Everyone was very upset until they looked inside and saw something glowing. This clay Buddha was actually a pure gold Buddha that had been encased in mud to keep it hidden and safe from thieves. That is how we all are!

We think we are just clay Buddhas, when in fact we are Golden. And what we are going through right now is like the Divine breaking away that mud to reveal our true nature. Again, if we’ve always been that clay Buddha it can upset us to feel those parts of our lives falling away, but if we trust, if we KNOW, that we are indeed that Golden Being in the center, then we can have faith as we feel those old, useless parts of our lives leaving us.

So now we know how this whole process is unfolding, but three years ago something else really interesting happened. We were on a timeline to get all of this transformation stuff done. It will take this long to clean out the old, and this long to build the new, then voila! We are new creatures on a New Earth! But there were some (okay, quite a few) who resisted this process. “I don’t want to change - I like my old life. I’m not going to do it,” so they resisted with everything in them. And they could (at that point) because there’s such a thing as free will.

So it was decided to hold the boat for a while, to let everyone else catch up. So a lot of us who felt this surge forward, who had made all of these amazing changes in our lives now found ourselves treading water. For many of us that brought a great feeling of restlessness and impatience. But it served its purpose - a lot more people who maybe wouldn’t have been able to make the switch over to the new were now on the boat that would cross us over to this new place.

So we waited - and waited - will everyone make it? Did everyone WANT to make it? It didn’t appear so. Many said, “This is just too difficult. It was a good ride, but I’m going home.” Look at all of the people who’ve left us in these past three years and see if that doesn’t make sense. As for those who aren’t choosing the Light? I don’t know, I really don’t know what’s going to happen to them. I only know that the call was put out to set sail, and we appear to have done that this past July 21st.

I liken it to the separating of the wheat from the chaff - that shaking out process that separates the previously one into two. To me it feels as if there are now at least two planes of reality - the higher one that is vibrating at a higher frequency where there is unity and love and respect for all, and the lower one that is vibrating at a lower frequency.

In this land there is fear and anger and hostility and violence and separateness. I, for one, want to stay on the first track. Where are we going, then? We are continuing to head to the place of oneness where we are all connected AND we know we’re connected. It’s that place where we are whole again, where we resided before we were born, Heaven on Earth.

Heaven’s not a place, though - it’s everywhere. It’s been US who have been limited and cut off from the All, like the brain cell forgetting it’s a part of a whole body. It’s STILL a part of it even if it doesn’t know it. In a way, none of that even matters - all that matters is that we’re on the road to that unity back again with our whole souls, that part of us that’s one with the All. And to be able to experience that WHILE in our physical bodies? Nothing short of miraculous, nothing less than perfection itself.

Will 2012 be the point that we finally make that total reconnection? I don’t think there’s an exact time that it will happen - I think it’s unfolding for each of us in our own unique time and way. I think we will keep feeling more and more of that Divine Light in the years to come, but maybe 2012 will be a celebration time for all of us who’ve made the trip? Who knows - maybe I should book the Plains right now and hire a band. There will be celebrating, for sure. But not destruction of us or our beloved planet - of that I am 100% sure.

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