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20th Annual Paws Walk

By Micara Link
Staff Writer

Wet kisses, puppy breath, and unconditional love are all part the package when you adopt a furry friend.  What could be better? Join the cause in support for the FM Humane Society at this year’s 20th Annual Paws Walk held Saturday, September 11th at Lindenwood Park’s main shelter in Fargo, ND. Collect donations and participate in a team or individually. You can register the day of the walk between 9:30 am-10:30am. The ten-minute walk begins at 10:30am with refreshments, fun and games to follow. If you are unable to attend, but want to help support the animals, you can mail your donation directly to the Humane Society.

The FM Humane Society is an animal rescue organization serving Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo since 1966.  On average, they rescue approximately 652 animals each year. The average cost to care for each animal is $503. The Humane Society relies completely on community donations. Each dollar is used to help pay for care of the animals while they are waiting to be adopted. The more donations they receive, the more animals they are able to help. By supporting the FMHS you will be providing an animal a second chance at a new home and family.

Animals, just like people, have a soul, an aura, and energy that holds information specific to the personality and characteristics of that animal. As a psychic, I’m able to read animals similar to how I read people. This week, I’m featuring Kamila, a ten-month old pit bull terrier who is available for adoption at the Humane Society, and boy, did she have a lot to say!

The first color that I see when tuning into Kamila is pink. She is so sweet!  Kamila is definitely a very loyal and loving dog. She is strong in character and independent. She tells me that she needs an owner who will give her time and direction. Kamila gets distracted and needs to be both mentally and physically stimulated.  She has a beautiful, sweet, loving, feminine energy that radiates all around her.

Kamila has a lot of energy and it’s not just because she’s a puppy. She will always be a high-energy dog. She would do well with someone who enjoys outdoor activities. Kamila needs someone who will provide her discipline and direction. Kamila is still exploring this world and her curiosity paired with her high energy guides her into mischief and not knowing her boundaries. Kamila is eager to please and to have a human companion. 

The second color that comes through when looking at Kamila is green. Kamila needs balance in her life. A schedule, firm direction, and a sense of stability will help her immensely. Her green aura also tells me that she is a gentle soul, she’s a dog that will bring healing, love, and balance into her human companion’s life.

Right now as I tune into Kamila, I can feel her teeth! They are sharp little teeth and she is craving something to chew on right now. Make sure to have plenty of chew toys for her. She would specifically love any toys that are mentally stimulating her while she chews, so something with a treat inside or something to tear apart will really satisfy her.

Her ears are a sensitive place her for her. Right behind her ears on the top of her head is one of her favorite places to be rubbed.  Her energy is very concentrated in her throat and head chakras and not so much in her first and second chakras. This means, that she has some issues with feeling safe and secure. She may feel threatened easily or be hesitant with put into new situations. This can balance over time and is not permanent. Through gentle guidance, assurance, and stability from her owner, Kamila will soon begin to feel safe and secure and the energy will balance out. Kamila is very smart and would enjoy learning new tricks, tasks, and obedience.

When I ask Kamila what type of human companion she would like, she responds with, “Someone to play with!”  A companion with the same level of energy as her would be ideal.
Kamila is looking for a best friend. Someone she can play with, learn from, be loyal to, and love.  She would be a great pet for someone who is committed, willing to train her, play with her, and provide her with a safe and secure environment. Kamila is ready for her forever home.

There are many more animals for adoption, just like Kamila, who have a loving, sweet energy and are anxiously waiting for the right adopter. Contact the FM Humane Society to find out more on how you can participate in fund raising, volunteer opportunities, adoption, and fostering at http://www.f-mhumanesociety.org

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If You Go

What: 20th Annual Paws Walk
Where: Lindenwood Park
When: Sat, Sept 11, from 9:30am
Info: 701.239.0077

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