A Matter of Trust

A: Intuition is a funny thing. While I think it’s intrinsic to all of us, it can be very elusive at the same time. It also depends on how you define intuition.

To some, it’s being psychic, having the ability to know things beyond normal sensory means. To some, it is though to be just in your imagination, all in our head—fluff and stuff. To still others, it’s inextricably linked to who you are and your life. My opinion happens to include the last definition, but definitely encompasses parts of the first as well. I do not, however, think intuition is fluff.

When you ask how you can trust your intuition, I question what happened in your earlier years to cause you not to trust it. I think of intuition as that small, still voice within, that when you quiet your outside world, you are able to hear clearly. It is a lifeline to your Soul, your connection to God/the One/the All (whatever you call your Higher Power, based on what you believe).

It is our one link to the greater awarenesses, sort of like our air tube on our deep sea diving suit. It’s dense down here, and we tend to forget all of who we are and get distracted with earthly concerns. Our intuition is that voice that whispers, “Don’t forget. We’re here to help you.”

So how do you get that trust back? You might start by thinking about your beliefs. Do you believe there could be a source of help for you, in the form of your intuition? Are you willing to work on that relationship, to strengthen that connection? If your answers are yes and yes, then I have some very practical (and easy) things you might try for your next step.

Commit some time every day to this: sit and really become fully present to yourself. Feel what it feels like to be in your body. What are you feeling? A queasy stomach? Take some deep breaths, just noticing, not judging, what you’re feeling.

Now think of a question and ask it. Just continue to sit and observe. Has anything shifted for you? Are you feeling different in any way? Are you “seeing” anything in your mind’s eye, or hearing something that feels like a new voice? Do you have a new knowing, or awareness? These are all possible ways you access your intuition.

Everybody’s different, so you need to get to know how you work. Have some fun. Keep a journal. Look for your answers in the outside world—a song, a billboard, a movie, a friend, an e-mail. Answers are all around you.

Is it your imagination? What’s your definition of imagination? Using your creative mind? Well then, partly yes, because the energy of your intuition is found in all parts of your mind and your body.

There’s no need to discount some information just because it comes from your right brain. Some of my best earliest intuitive hits came through dreams. Imagination? Yes, and rationality. All accessible and possible through the most precious and valuable tool of intuition.

Take it out of your toolbox and start working with it. I think you’ll find it immensely necessary and vital to your life.

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