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A Psychic’s View of the Oil Spill

By Micara Link
Staff Writer

From the beginning of time, ancient cultures and tribes gained much knowledge from the Earth and nature. The teachings still exist, yet do we pay enough attention to learn from them? Nature speaks to us every day; we just need to listen. I believe that our current situation with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico happened for a reason, and that reason is to teach us something. I asked three other psychics to join me in looking at this situation from our unique perspective, to find out what it is that Nature is teaching us. It is my hope that with our assistance, you will find a deeper meaning and connection to our planet and its constant communication.

Chanda Parkinson, Psychic Medium

As a consciousness, we have attracted this catastrophe as a way for us to understand and recognize the truth of how incredibly toxic we have allowed ourselves to grow as a society. It is not intended as a punishment. We have manifested it as a way to realize the magnitude of what we have placed our values on: the brilliant dark cloud that represents money, greed, hatred, competition and fear. It has been building for quite some time and had no choice but to show itself this way. Much like a cancer, it invades our most precious of all systems and resources: the water. The devastation it will cause in the long term cannot be calculated or understood at this time. Our only choice now is to shift our values and begin to see what’s truly important. It cannot be ignored this time. The reality of what it has created will affect generations. Now is the time to embrace a new clarity of heart and mind. Release the old ways.

Shannon Faulkes, Psychic Intuitive

“Heal yourself, and you will heal the world.” These words came forth when I was having a conversation with my guides while walking alongside the ocean asking about the BP oil spill. It sounds incredibly simple and selfish, doesn’t it? How can healing myself assist the world’s healing? However, when you think about the bigger picture, that we are all truly connected, and that when one feels pain there is a part of us that also feels that pain, it begins to make more sense.

This spill acted as a huge conscious wake-up call on multiple levels. It caused people to pay attention to Mother Earth, the animals, how we’re using the products from Earth, and most of all caused us to stir up our own toxic emotions deep inside that are ready to be released. I’ve witnessed several people getting angry, throwing hate, judgment, and blame. Throwing this negative energy towards people does not help heal the situation. However, taking the opportunity to turn within, and starting to release those very stuck emotions of sadness, anger, guilt, blame, self-judgment and unforgivingness within ourselves, actually begins to help heal our world. Remember we are all connected.

Jeanne Troge, Shamanic Practitioner

The first thing I noticed was that no light was getting through to the waters—the waters that carry life to our planet. The darkness of the oil blocked out the light. I was told that it is important to send light to the gulf to break through the oil and illuminate and heal the waters.

I was told that the black oil is a symbol of the greed and fear and anger we all hold. We are all responsible for this, not just BP. We must discontinue the finger-pointing and blame. We must look at our own part in our own greed. We are as responsible as anyone else is for this disaster. I was told to be more conscious in using your car and your dependence on gas and oil. Walk, ride bike, etc. Begin to live more simply.

The wisdom of the spill is the opportunity for the world to come together in unity. We need to be a community again. We need to come together and no longer look at what is in it for me, but rather what is good for the whole. This is a wonderful opportunity to come together in peace and harmony for a common cause. It appears that we only come together in tragedy.

On another level I see the oil spill as symbolic of the anger, fear, and greed we hold in our own bodies, that is now made manifest in our world. These emotions also pollute our individual bodies and keep the light of love from shining within and without. We need to clean up our own lives, which will in turn clean up our world. We are a part of nature and cannot be separated from it. What we do to ourselves, we do to our world. What we do to our world, we do to ourselves.

Micara Link, Psychic Intuitive

My guides are telling me that the oil spill is reflecting a state of consciousness that humanity has invested in. It is teaching us two main lessons: the illusion of duality and the suppression of our wholeness or truth. Water equals our truth, light, connection and oneness while the oil represents our shadow self, the parts of ourselves we deny, suppress, and judge, all the while creating the false belief that we are separate from each other and the world around us.

Our current situation with the oil merging with our waters reminds me of the phrase “It’s like oil and water,” suggesting that they don’t mix well together, but in this situation, I am being shown that the oil is not something we should deny, fight, or use blame and judgment to overcome, but something to embrace, accept, and move forward in a state of union, wholeness, and community.

Although oil and water don’t mix well together, right now our Earth is showing us something different. They are mixing and coming together right now! The light and the dark are merging. We are not to fight this situation because fighting only feeds duality. We are to come together in unity, not only as a planet and a community, but also as persons in the community. From this recognition of oneness, we see that the oil—our illusions, the parts of ourselves that we deny, ego-based beliefs—are just as much a part of us as our truth, light, and spirit. We are to see it all. See the truth. Accept the truth. Embrace the truth.

What you resist persists. When you accept you allow. Nature is simply reminding us to come together as one through the good and the bad. Embrace all of yourself, the good and the bad, the light and the dark. In your acceptance of yourself in its wholeness, the illusion of duality will no longer exist.

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