Angel in a Black Leather Jacket

By Susie Ekberg
Staff Writer

Q: Since it’s possible for angels to be incarnated, can demons be as well? And if they can, what exactly are they?

A: No one knows the whole answer to your questions. Angels are necessary to our existence down here on Earth. I’ve had encounters with them on several occasions and have seen the good that they do us. I don’t know about the reality of a pure Angelic Being fully incarnated into human form for an entire life. That would be too great a sacrifice, angels being such a high frequency. 

I have, however, most definitely seen a LOT of people who carry angelic energy with them in their energy systems this lifetime. All of the different aspects that make up our lives are our energy system: our spiritual mental and physical energy, the energy of anyone who’s here to help us, anyone we’re connected to, the energy of any other “place” we are familiar with.

I’ve seen Lemurian energy, Atlantean energy, Pleiadian energy, and angelic energy, to name just a few. They all serve different purposes. People can choose to carry those energies just as we choose to carry a wallet, cell phone, or book. They are tools we can use to help us with our Work, and help us get through our days.

Pleiadian energy is powerful and loving; Lemurian energy, healing and brainy; Atlantean, scientific and creative.

Those beings possessed of angelic energy are dedicated to a life of service. They focus on how to bring unity to all people, and can’t understand archaic ideas such as hypocrisy, prejudice, or violence. They can be dreamy, not as focused on earthly perception.

And of course people can carry ALL of those energies at the same time, too. And many more.
People can carry bad energies in their systems, like carrying a sharp knife or loaded pistol with the intent to cause harm.

Why? I can guarantee you they have not lived many lives, and are therefore in the midst of creating their karma. They are still living in the duality mindset (us vs. them), and enjoy wreaking havoc and destruction. They live in Darkness to varying degrees, and I have seen that the Light is just too painful for them, so that their energy’s sole aim is to extinguish Light wherever it may find it.

Are there demons?I don’t know how I feel about the concept of the Devil, Hell, fire and damnation and all of that, because that’s not the way this Universe operates. Everything is dualistic – God vs. the Devil, good vs. evil. There are sides, and the demons side with evil, so we must obliterate them. We demonize our energy, and to quote “The Fifth Element” (best movie EVER!), hate only makes hate grow stronger.

Getting away from that duality, I choose to see lower energy as just that – younger, more inexperienced, less developed energy that needs to grow up.

But just as we deal with toddlers and teens, you can’t just say, “Grow up!” and walk away, doing nothing. That would have catastrophic results! Left to their own devices, most toddlers (and teenagers) will get into all sorts of trouble. It’s fun to break open a pillow and watch the feathers float all over. It’s fun to throw food at each other. It’s fun to write on the walls. It’s fun to take your dad’s car and go for a ride.

The toddlers and teenagers RELY on their parents and other mature adults to give them guidance, love, support, and gentle but firm discipline to teach them how to be in the world. That lower form of energy, in whichever form it takes, MUST learn that there are consequences for our behavior, good and bad.

I think one of the best things we can do for those who choose to carry such demonic energy is to make sure WE are protected from that energy. If we don’t let it in, it can’t hurt or affect us.

That also serves to bounce the hurtful energy back to its originator, so they can feel the full force of their actions. We become like mirrors, reflecting whatever ugliness may be directed at us BACK to where it came from. If someone pushes us, we can say firmly, “NO! You may NOT do that!” instead of running away, or cowering or not saying anything.

In the end it’s our actions and reactions that give us choices. Whether or not there are such things as demons or evil spirits doesn’t matter as long as we are taking care of ourselves and doing what we can to be fully empowered, staying in the Light, and being as loving and kind as possible.

Those other people WILL grow up eventually, I promise you, but in the meantime, it may also be helpful to look at them and their behaviors as you would look at the toddler’s who’s just stepped on your toes then laughed – unacceptable and needing to be taught how to be civil. You can be the angel that demon needs to change everything.

Sometimes you’ll be the angel in the white gown, halo and wings, and sometimes you’ll be the angel in the black leather and black boots, kicking some butt.

That’s something you’ll need to figure out – right action wins every time in the battle between good and evil, in the end knocking out those two terms until there’s only the US, no labels.

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