Welness 8-11-11

August Energy Report

By Micara Link
Contributing Writer

This report is coming in a bit late, please accept my apologies.  Summer fun, vacations, and visitors postponed me, which I’m sure is all divinely planned in some way or another.

So, here we are – August, can you believe it?  If you’re still waiting for the 4th of July or you feel like summer just began, you’re not alone.  June and July zipped by so fast it almost feels like they didn’t happen at all.

The beginning of this month has quite a frenzy of energy.  I see images of energy swirling chaotically around the planet and through each of us.  I see this scattered and chaotic energy lasting for the first couple weeks and then lessening about mid-month.  This energy is affecting our thought process (especially the 7th chakra), our mindfulness, and energy body.  For those who are sensitive to this energy you may be experiencing: forgetfulness, anxiety, overwhelming feelings, frustration, an unsettled feeling within you that you should be doing something but you’re not sure what, and a feeling of being on fast-forward but you’re not getting anywhere.  I’m also seeing layers of time being intersected, so if you’re feeling off on what day it is, what time it is, and even what year it is, it is because of this interweaving of time.

During these first couple weeks, take some extra time to become more mindful and present of the moment.  The energy is intense so you might be finding it a little more difficult than usual to center, relax, and let go, but keep at it, it’s going to really help you process the shifts. Breathe, write a to-do list to keep you on track, go for walks outside to connect with nature, breathe some more, and exercise to get in touch with your body.  As much as your mind is going to want to plan, organize, and think itself silly, it’s best to give the mind a break and be here, in the present moment, right now.  A visualization tool that I like to use that helps me quiet the mental chatter is to imagine there is a volume dial on the front of my forehead. As I imagine myself turning the volume down, the chatter in my mind quiets and lessens.

Moving into mid-August, there is a bit of a respite period where the intensity of the energies will decrease, everything will smooth out, and you’ll feel a deeper sense of peace and ease.  You’ll notice that everything will be falling into place perfectly and easily.  This is a wonderful time to be receptive and open to the Universe.  Much of what you’ve been trying so hard to create the past few weeks will now be coming to fruition and you’ll feel back on track and in alignment.

An overall theme that connects to each and every one of us on a global and personal level this month is Truth and Communication.  This is big.  Lies, dishonesty, and hidden agendas are going to rise to the surface like cream to be skimmed off revealing what is real, what is truth.  If there’s anything you’ve been repressing or denying in your life, this month is a highly probable time that you’re going to be dealing with it so you can heal, release, and move forward.

When communicating, whether it’s in person, over the phone, via text, or online, be extra diligent in speaking your truth and conveying clearly what you mean.  This is a time of deep spiritual cleansing for you and the world.  This is a time when each of us need to be willing to honor and accept the truth, to let go of all the falsities that are keeping us back, and to heal the parts of ourselves that are being hidden by darkness.  Be willing to communicate with yourself and others openly, compassionately, and honestly and you will discover the healing and freedom that your soul desires.

Tuning into the masses, I keep getting the date August 21st flashing in my mind’s eye. It seems that this is going to be an important and significant date this month.  I sense it has something to do with our government and that something is going to be revealed that day.  It’s a turning point, a shift connected to truth that will set in motion a wave of consequences and revelations that will be affecting a large amount of people.  I’m seeing the newspapers on Monday, August 22nd. There’s going to be headlines revolved around whatever is revealed. 

The last few weeks of August will focus on us as a community – what do we do next? How do we fix this?  This is a time to reflect on your own life and see how it affects the world as a whole.  What can you do to make this world a better place?  What can you do to make your community a better place?  What can you do make your home a better place?  The positive shifts that you make in your personal life, and the way you interact with the world around you, will help the rest of the world make those shifts as well.  We’re all connected.  Never doubt that you don’t matter and your choices don’t affect anyone because they do – probably a lot more than you realize.

Backtracking to June’s energy report I wrote, “I see the Earth receiving energy attunements, some in the form of crop circles. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more crop circles pop up in the next month or two, especially in July.”  Well, being a natural skeptic and fact-checker, I looked up the reported crop circles for June and July and compared them to other months at http://www.cropcircleconnector.com and found out that there were three reported crop circles in April, eight in May, fourteen in June, and a whopping twenty-five in July!  I sense that August is going to have quite a few as well, not as many as July, but definitely up there in the high teens, low twenty mark.  These crop circles are beneficial to each of us and as a planet.  They are gifts from beyond, and the Earth is openly and graciously receiving them.

August is the end of a three and a half month energy shift, loose ends are being tied up, baggage is being dropped, and more and more people are realizing what it means to be in alignment with their truth.  Be gentle with yourself and others for the next few weeks.  We’re all doing our best with what we have.

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