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Autistic or Spiritually Gifted?

By Micara Link
Staff Writer

What would you do if your three-year-old child told you that he sees and communicates with spirits?

For one mother, this is a common experience and one that she has learned to embrace. Kristin, mother of three-year-old Logan, has witnessed a wide range of unexplainable, miraculous incidents with her son.

One of the first signs was in the pictures he would draw, of himself with many other heads all around him. When Kristin asked who they were, he’d explain, “This is God, Matthew, and my workers.” Logan shared that during the night, God and his workers would come and visit him and talk to him about the work he would be doing here on Earth. 

For Kristin, the pictures and communication that Logan had with God was one thing, but when Logan mentioned being able to see and communicate with Matthew, she knew there was more to it.

Matthew was Kristin’s cousin who Logan only met a handful of times before he passed away. After Matthew’s death, Logan began drawing pictures with Matthew alongside God and would refer to Matthew as a guardian angel. Logan seemed to be very connected to the spirit of Matthew. He would begin to hum or sing (Matthew had been a gifted singer) when drawing or speaking of Matthew and mentioned that he radiated a blue light. “Logan sees the colors of people’s hearts,” Kristin added. “He says that God, Matthew, and Jesus all have blue hearts.”

Curious, I turn to Logan and ask him what color heart I have. “green”, he says after a brief glance into my eyes. Not long ago, he told his mother that his Grandfather had a black heart.  At that time, the grandfather was grieving the death of his son. I think it is safe to say that Logan’s “color of the heart” is similar to seeing auras. 

Auras are a bubble of energy that radiates different frequencies or colors depending on what information the person or object is carrying. Black usually represents grief and sadness, blue is wisdom and spirituality, and green is healing and love-centeredness. The colors that Logan is able to see in people’s hearts have been consistently accurate in describing key characteristics.

Matthew is not the only deceased relative that Logan has connected to and communicated with. He has also spoken about his Uncle Eric. Logan was only two years old when Eric passed away and was not told of his death. Shortly after his passing, Logan began to tell his mother that Eric would help him find his binky. Logan would also draw pictures of Eric in a black, dark forest describing Eric as very sad. Logan was unaware that Eric had committed suicide.

There have been numerous incidences of Logan not only connecting with relatives, but also other spirits. He mentions that there are many spirits that come to visit him at night. There have been a few times that Logan pointed and asked his mother, “Who is that man and why is he here?” when there was no physical person around.

What makes Logan’s experiences even more unique is that he is diagnosed with autism. Delayed speech and echolalia (the immediate and involuntary repetition of words or phrases just spoken by others) are two symptoms of autism. For Logan to be speaking about his experiences with the spirit world when it was not something that was introduced to him was surprising. Kristin brought up Logan’s spirit communication with his doctor, and he told her that a majority of his autism patients have the ability to see and hear spirits.

Some of these experiences have concerned Kristin, but with support and education she has learned to embrace them. Kristin herself did not grow up communicating with spirits so, although she believed in Logan and wanted to help him, she didn’t know how. That’s when I was brought into the picture. I met Logan and Kristin eight months ago and helped Kristin learn how to work with Logan and his abilities.

Logan is a bright and magnetic soul. Even before I met him, I could feel his energy from miles away. He seems to draw not only spirits to him, but also people. Kristin is continually amazed when in public places, many people want to meet Logan and be in his presence.

Kristin is a strong, educated, and loving mother. She is very active in advocacy for children with autism and embraces not only Logan’s experience with autism, but also his spiritual gifts and abilities.

When I spoke with her about writing this article, she mentioned wanting to share with other parents that “autism and Logan’s way of thinking, seeing the spirit world and people’s souls, is a gift.” 

She gently advises other parents to, “not discredit what your child is thinking and feeling, because it’s valid for them even if it doesn’t make sense to you.”

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