Be Nice to Your Computer:  Make Animism Part of Your Daily Life

Q: Dear Susie: My first computer was purchased almost 10 years ago and became infiltrated with many viruses. I got another computer and it’s protected up the ying-yang. Surprisingly, I had another virus scare recently. It got me to thinking about how this situation (i.e., viruses) may be paralleled in my own life. My husband noticed how angry I was at the whole situation which tells me this may be more than just about computer viruses. Thoughts?

A: If you agree with the assumption that there are no accidents, then everything in your life has meaning… for you. So let’s start with what kind of a person you are: it looks like you’re someone who likes to get a lot done—you’re organized, efficient, fast-moving, and expect everything to go smoothly. When things DON’T, you get frustrated—it feels like a fast-flowing river that gets into a logjam - all that water builds and overflows the banks. It’s not fair, you say, for these things to come into my life when I don’t ask for them - they slow me down and mess me up. Things are supposed to be “fair.” I don’t know about all the virus protection programs out there, but there always seems to be “evil” out there that sneaks through to disturb our tranquility.

So that can be where we start with your question—how can you find tranquility in the midst of inevitable chaos and intrusion? Life is messy—it just is. So then we have to find peace amidst the storm and learn to ride the waves, because there will always be waves. I don’t see there being anything out of the ordinary in regards to your computer, so I don’t think the Universe is “picking” on you - I see it as a gentle mirror for you to see how you respond to unwanted interruptions.
You may want to start by lowering your expectations for yourself—you try to cram as much into your day as possible. S-t-r-e-t-c-h it out a little, take a minute of downtime every hour, quit a little earlier at night and sip a cup of tea before you go to bed. You run a pretty tight ship, emotionally, if you know what I mean. Another thing you might try is putting some garnets and turquoise around your computer—ask for protection from unwanted energies, and express gratitude for all your hard-working computer does for you.

I thank everything in my life—from my cell phone to my house to my car—they’re all here helping make our lives better and easier, and I think they get affected by life just as we do—couldn’t everything benefit from some gratitude, even if they are machines? Heck, I even tell my spider plants how beautiful they are. What could it hurt? So try those things for the next month, and see if you don’t feel differently about your computer, and see if your computer doesn’t “act” differently—you may find those naughty viruses leaving to go bug someone else, and your computer purring like the technologically efficient machine it is.

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