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Building Your Own Pyramid

By Susie Ekberg
Staff Writer

Q: My daughter suffers from depression, anxiety, and other ailments. We’ve been to several “regular” doctors, but no one is able to help her. Can you suggest any other treatments that may be different from those offered by traditional medicine? Can you help her?

A:  Traditional medicine is great for many things. I have deep respect for the medical community in general. There are several fine doctors here in the community doing very good work.

But there is an overall imbalance where traditional medicine is concerned if we are only looking at curing the diseases of the physical body.
I don’t think it’s possible for someone to cure another person, or for some medicine or treatment to cure. I only think it’s possible to help someone heal, which means to make whole.

Healing is supported and nurtured and facilitated from the outside, but it is carried out from within. No doctor (or Reiki Master or psychic or chiropractor) is able to do that. It is up to each person.

It’s also not possible to look at just the physical body when considering things that are “wrong” with us.

There are three parts to physical experience – the physical energies, the mental energies, and the spiritual energies. All three work together, weaving and blending to create our experiences here on Earth.

To consider just the physical would be like planting a seed in the ground, then blaming the ground for not growing the plant. What about looking to make sure the seed is planted deep enough, or that is has enough sun, and water, and fertilizer? What about making sure weeds aren’t choking the plant? It’s impossible to isolate just one area of the whole growing cycle.

I have found through thousands of readings I’ve done that a vast majority of the most highly spiritual people I’ve seen have suffered from depression, anxiety, IBS, fibromyalgia, and migraines.

They tell me they feel inferior because they suffer from these things, but it is more a matter of imbalance and ignorance of the way their systems work. A little education is a powerful thing, and can go a long way toward correcting any imbalances that are manifested in the physical.
In the case of your daughter with these seemingly untreatable illnesses, it may be helpful to look at the different types of energies present and how they work. That can give your daughter a new vision, new options, new possibilities.

Spiritual energy is the most powerful energy there is. It is not limited to the physical body. It is the lightest and acts instantaneously to create seeming miracles. These are the clear x-rays after a malignancy has shown up in previous x-rays; the normal glucose readings after years of consistently high readings; normal heart functions after abnormal readings. A little spiritual energy goes a long, long way.

Mental energy is also powerful, but found mostly in the human body. Although our thoughts go out to the Universe, they originate in our brains. Mental energy is the one that’s usually out of balance in anxiety, depression, and other mental ‘illnesses.’ There’s usually too much of it in those cases.
Ever feel like your thoughts are controlling you? Can’t help thinking about things, going over them in your mind? That’s the norm, especially here in the West. We honor mental energy above all else. It gives us successful businesspeople, lawyers, doctors, politicians, scientists, generals, and teachers. Mental energy is masculine, energy that manifests itself in the material world.

Spiritual energy is feminine, concerned with intentions and creation in the higher realms. These are the artists, musicians, writers, mothers, healers. They aren’t as revered as the mental energy professions.

We create an imbalance because we focus more on the mental part of the triangle. The spiritual and mental come together in the physical, which becomes a battleground: not a battleground between the mental and spiritual, but a battle our mental energies are waging against the rest of the Universe.

It’s our way or the highway, our thoughts bark at us. Do this, don’t do that, go go go. We become mired in our heads. Why do you think people get so many headaches, neck aches, eyestrain and TMJ? Too much energy in and around the head. I see it a lot.

Physical energy is the densest because it is actual physical matter. To slow down energy enough to give it the appearance of solidity requires it to be a very low frequency and dense in nature.

If a pyramid is our three energies combined, our physical energy constitutes the base up to the last row of stones, our mental energy constitutes the last row of stones, and our spiritual energy is the very tip, the capstone.

Although your daughter’s spiritual energy is strong and fully present, her mental energy is overwhelming everything else. Her pyramid is mostly mental energy, with just the bottom being the physical energy, which helps her body run optimally.

It’s helpful to visualize that pyramid, then using her breath, pull that mental energy up from the base back to where it belongs, in the top row. Then breathe in golden light from the top of the pyramid down to fill up the space where the mental energy used to be.

This helps her body return to an empowered state where it is able to do the crucial work of keeping everything running smoothly. It’s like wanting a clean house but never cleaning. If you want a clean house (a strong, healthy body) you need to supply it with the power necessary to do the work. Period.

She might try talking to her body. Focus on her head if she has a headache. Breathe energy into that area. Ask it what it needs from her. She can do that with any part of her body that is sending her the message that something is not right. This will help her find out what’s wrong so she can work with her body to correct the imbalances.

Yes, of course I can work with your daughter to create health in her life, but I would suggest that she try these things first—then you can let me know how she’s doing.

Other people in this area offer such valuable services as massage, chiropractic, naturopathics, cranial sacral, acupuncture, biofeedback, NET, hypnosis, and guided imagery. If they resonate with her, it’s worth a shot.

Perfect health is possible, but you need to have a working relationship with your body in order to achieve that, and you need to find your own unique energy balance that works best for you. Let me know if you have any other questions. You’re a good mother.

Susie’s Note: Thank you for all of your e-mails regarding my column last week. The response was overwhelming! Many of you were joining me in my pledge for total honesty last Friday. Let me know how it went! For me, I had several occasions to speak bluntly, as people took the opportunity to find out what I really thought about specific things. I could feel the energy moving differently as I released all restrictions and just spoke totally straight from the hip. For the most part, I realized I am someone who speaks bluntly, and that was good to discover. The times when I could feel myself pulling back from the full truth were all because I worried that my words could hurt someone’s feelings. That also was good to discover. I will remain more conscious of my words in the weeks and months to come. I encourage you to do the same.

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