Calling All Angels

Q: Do you think from a higher perspective, that we can change our future lives? Meaning, I find myself telling my “angels” to “Please take note so I don’t have to experience this or that again, or to experience it in a different way.”

A: This sounds like two separate questions, the first being: can we change our future lives; and the second being: how can we talk to our angels, so I’ll answer them that way, and see if we can’t tie them both together at the end.

From that higher perspective you write about, I think all things are possible. I think that’s where our potential and unlimited possibility lives, because it hasn’t happened yet, but it COULD.

We’ve got some input into what we want to experience, and whom we want to experience it with, some say as to what our circumstances are going to be, where we’re going to live, and what situations we’ll encounter along the way. It’s like a broad outline designed to help give us a little structure beforehand, but once we get here, there’s some wiggle room (called free will).

We set up what goals we want to accomplish by the end of each life, and I’m convinced that not only do we meet those goals, we usually end up exceeding them. I’ve seen it over and over again – clients in my office who are nervous that they haven’t been “working” toward their spiritual goals enough, and they don’t think they’ll do what they needed to do.

But what I do know is this: you can “waste” your whole life, and in one blink of a spiritual eye, accomplish everything you came here to do. That’s how Spirit works – certainly not linearly, as in a matter of years, but in a matter of one single thought or intention. That can change everything.

What might happen is that we not only meet our goals in this lifetime, but exceed them to a great extent. That may alter our plans for future lives, because one lesson we were going to work on next, we may already have learned now, or something planned for getting done next lifetime we already did this lifetime, so we change our blueprints for the next life a little to accommodate those changes. From that perspective I think it’s possible to change future lives.

Also in the area of karma, I think you can certainly change the future of your lives by clearing and balancing karma in this lifetime (and I would recommend clearing as much karma as possible at all times – the more built up, the more intense the balancing process). If you can work in this lifetime to understand in which areas you may need to achieve compassion and understanding, you may erase some future event that was slated to help you with those issues. It’s even possible to clear several lifetimes of karma with a single blow, er, hug. We’re currently clearing a LOT of junk out of our physical bodies AND Soul bodies, and while it’s not especially pleasant, it most likely will change the course of our future lives.

You talk to your angels, instructing them that you don’t want to experience something again, and to help you make that happen. I appreciate and applaud the fact that you’re talking to your angels, and encourage you to talk to “everyone up there” about everything that you’re experiencing, but I think it’s more for your benefit than anything else, because “they” already know what’s going on – you’re just making it more conscious and concrete for you by saying it out loud.

When you say “I don’t want this to happen again” you’re acknowledging that something’s happened, but now I would encourage you to explore what meaning that painful event had for you. What did you learn from it, how did you grow, how did it shape your Being, how did it make you a more awake person? I have never believed that stuff just “happens.” If we could be totally aware, we would see very intricate machinations at work to aid in our growth, like little signs along the way in our scavenger hunt. Don’t miss the signs!

What you may want to ask your “higher ups” (whoever that all is, I’m not quite sure – angels, guides, loved ones who’ve passed, your Higher Self, God, Jesus, Buddha, and on) to help you understand is what the gift is in your present situation. Ask them for strength for your journey, to help you walk through with some semblance of dignity (although I joke that sometimes I feel like I’m just dragging my butt through the mud, crawling just to keep going forward – nothing dignified about it, but at least I’m moving!).

Ask for faith to trust, and not get scared, because there’s so very much we could get scared about, and so much that we don’t understand. What we don’t understand we usually fear. But the unknown is also very fertile ground for growth, don’t you think? So ask for a switch in your outlook on things, if that’s what’s needed.

When you are in communication with that higher perspective, you can become a more conscious cocreator of your life (and lives), and that can bring us full circle. You may be down here doing all of the ‘living’ work, but able to foster and encourage an active relationship with that higher perspective of which you wrote, and from that place of awareness, effect some powerful changes in this current life and your future lives.

It all works together for some pretty cool transformative work. This current life is a time of unprecedented growth for all of us, and if we’re open to the process, can probably leap ahead quite a few lifetimes into a place of quite advanced consciousness, but, as I always say, this work isn’t for sissies.

But if you think you’ve got what it takes (tenacity, perseverance, strength, faith, and a little bit of naivety), then I know you’ll be just fine.

Continue to ask others for their help, continue to ask your “higher ups” for help, and continue to believe in yourself, for as my higher ups are always telling me, we are THEIR heroes, we are the brave ones, the warriors, even if we don’t always feel like it down here. We don’t always see the bigger picture, but with everyone’s help, every day we can see a little more.

And I’m betting that what you see about yourself will astound you! Just keep talking – they’re taking notes and helping every way they can. I know that for sure.

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