Krista 11-04-10

Counting My Blessings

By Krista Thom
Contributing Writer

I don’t know about you, but I’m personally a big fan of sugar highs and fake disembowelments, so naturally Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

But for everything there is a season, and now it’s time to turn our backs on the macabre. This is always a difficult time of year for me, because the spirit of the times moves away from the delightfully tacky, and toward the fuzzy stuff, like compassion, and peace on earth.

To help myself switch gears and get myself ready for Thanksgiving, I decided to make a list of all the things I’m grateful for. Perhaps I’m a little out of practice, because you’ll notice that things like family and friends didn’t make the list. Instead, this is what I came up with:

1. Cold weather – I realize that’s an unusual choice for the first item on my list, but I’ve found the cold weather to be economically advantageous. Since the weather turned cold, I’ve saved a lot of money on air conditioning costs. As for heating costs, there’s no need to turn up the thermostat when blankets work perfectly well, I like to say. (Someday, I will tell my grandchildren excellent stories about the old days.)

As an added bonus, during the winter, the entire outdoors becomes a practical food storage area. If I run out of room in my refrigerator, or if I’m just feeling lazy, I can always leave the groceries in my car.

2. Shorter days – Again, this is not something that everyone is thankful for. But I feel like I’m much more productive when the days are shorter. In the summer, I always feel like I’m wasting daylight when I sleep in or close the curtains at night to watch a movie. But in the winter, I can roll out of bed at 8:30 and still see the sun rise. And I feel extra proud of any work I do after the sun sets at 6:00 pm.

3. Food – Let’s face it; the holidays are an excuse for shameless eating. At Halloween, we stuffed ourselves full of candy. Now we can move onto heavier stuff – turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and pumpkin pie. This November, I plan to conduct a number of experiments to see how much butter one can inject into a bowl of mashed potatoes before it loses its consistency.

4. Sales – Sure, the holidays are great, but the days after holidays are great too. Now is the time to pick out your costume for next year, and stock up on enough candy to last you through the winter. And the after-Halloween sales rush is only a practice for the ultimate shopping day – Black Friday. Getting a good bargain on Black Friday is at least as difficult as successfully participating in The Running of the Bulls. And of course, there will be plenty of after-Christmas sales when the time comes.

Okay, so maybe it’s not a complete list of the things I’m grateful for, but I think it shows promise. I still have three weeks to go, so by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, I should be feeling as warm and fuzzy as a cashmere sweater.

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