By Susie Ekberg
Staff Writer

Q: Dear Susie, Please help me understand mental illness (such as schizophrenia) from a spiritual perspective. Thank you.

A: There’s a whole lot about humans, mental “illnesses” and just life in general that we don’t wholly understand. How could we? I keep saying that we only have about 10 percent consciousness down here while in human form, and the other 90 percent is the stuff we’re working on remembering. If there’s 90 percent still out there, how could we ever think we can fully grasp everything?

I respect and admire Western thinking and psychology and psychiatry. I think it’s all very interesting. And clinical. And rote. I don’t think there’s a heck of a lot of wiggle room for the most part.

You have a “problem,” you go to a doctor (physical or mental), you tell them what’s “wrong” with you, the doctor pulls out her book, or remembers all the “symptoms” and what they mean, then she gives you her diagnosis of your “problem.” Nine times out of ten they say they can tell you what’s “wrong,” but sometimes the horse is really a zebra, and then they’re stuck trying to figure out what’s REALLY wrong with you. That’s the explanation from one doctor friend of mine as to how they diagnose patients.

But I propose a different scenario. What if that percentage ISN’T nine out of ten that can be ‘diagnosed’, but somewhere around maybe one out of ten “problems” that doctors are now able to “figure out” and “cure”? Those other nine “problems” may be the ones that we need to go to a higher plane to work on, heal, figure out. Now we’re talking MY language!

Things are rarely (if ever) as they appear to us down here on Earth. We think we’re experiencing anxiety because our chemicals are imbalanced, or we worry too much. These may be true, but they may not be the CAUSE, just some of the symptoms. The anxiety is most likely coming from the intensity of the higher frequency energy coming into your body. You may be one of those people who run faster because you want to get further. There’s just MORE going on for you. It definitely FEELS like that, doesn’t it?

I had something very interesting happen to me that made me rethink this whole issue of mental illness. A therapist friend of mine once told me about one of her clients who had multiple personalities. My friend had a copy of my book “Pink Stars and Angel Wings” sitting in her waiting room. This client came in, and speaking as one of her personalities who was a young, highly spiritual child, picked up my book and said, “This book is true, you know.” When my friend told me the story, I got goosebumps all over—it felt like I was hearing words of affirmation from another plane. So was this client of hers mentally ill and just talking crazy talk? You answer that for yourself. I can only say it sure felt like this woman may have felt splintered in her life, but at that time was speaking very powerfully and insightfully with this other ‘person’s’ voice. Why was she split into different personalities?

I don’t know for sure, because I’ve never worked with multiple personalities before, but I’m wondering if some people’s soul energies have difficulties staying in one “cohesive” body, so they splinter into like different tracks until those tracks can be aligned back into one big track. Again, I don’t know. I have, however, worked with a TON of people who suffer from anxiety and depression, and they are among the most spiritual people I’ve ever seen. In most of those cases, for sure, it’s about having SO much spiritual potential that they have a hard time integrating and keeping up on the physical plane.

I think we all move toward wholeness, and that our bodies are messengers for us, helping point the way to where we need mending and healing. Our bodies aren’t betraying us –- if anything WE’RE the ones betraying our bodies by not listening to what they’re telling us they need. It’s our job to take care of our bodies so they can take care of us. Interdependence. “Ill” mental health means something is out of balance, for sure, and in my world it’s all about energy. Body, mind, spirit. All need to be balanced. Are YOUR energies balanced? Are you taking time to play, to rest, to just sit and be, to have fun? Or are you spending your days working, worrying, going going going? That’s not balance, my friend, and I guarantee you it will lead to ill health, whether it’s physical or mental.

To help understand schizophrenia (and other mental illnesses), it’s imperative to keep all levels of consciousness in mind (hah!), to be open to healings that go beyond prescription medications that only work on the physical body. If it’s an energy imbalance or block, once you go off the medication your body will return to the old way of energy flow. It has to. If a river flows in a certain direction you can dam it, but unless you re-direct the river, once you release the dam it will flow in exactly the same way as before. We’re the same. We could have amazing breakthroughs in all areas of medicine if we were more open to these energetic alternatives of healing. Hopefully we are.

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