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Dates of Mystic Power

Q: I’m always hearing about “important” dates, like 7.7.07, of the summer solstice. Who decides the dates and whey they’re important? It doesn’t make much sense to me, kind of like advertising on TV. Certain people tell us why something is important, then we’re just supposed to believe it without thinking.

A: I would never encourage you to believe something without thinking whether it makes sense to you—that’s the root of all evil (besides the love of money, apparently).

I remember when I first became interested in a broader view of the world, around 20 years ago. I read everything I could get my hands on (okay, well I sort of still do, but not so much as to learn something “new” but to compare notes with what I already know).

All sorts of “experts” said all sorts of really cool things, a lot of them contrary to each other. So who are we supposed to believe? Who’s got the fast track to the Truth?

My answer is a paradox, and it is this: everyone and no one. Everyone’s got their own Truth, and nobody’s cornered the market on anyone else’s Truth. So while I’m entitled to my beliefs, I cross the line when I tell you what you have to believe.

If I say, “I believe that love is the strongest thing in the world,” I know that to be true. But I cannot say, “you have to believe that love is the strongest thing, or I’ll hound you until you believe it.” It just doesn’t work that way. Even if someone does believe something you tell them, it’s because they want to, not because they have to. You may have been their inspiration, or their catalyst for change, but you didn’t make them believe something. They chose to believe it.

Regarding the important dates, they are simply given by those who are in a different place than others. They see and know different things, and they are bringing their opinions back to us.

If it makes sense to us, great - go for it. If it doesn’t make sense, smile and move on.

I happen to like the symbolism of the numbers, like the upcoming 8.8.08 (close to my 48th birthday, it has to be auspicious!). 8 kind of looks like the infinity symbol, which I love, and to have three of them in one date? Well, that’s neat.

Do symbols have any power? Yes and no, I think. I grappled with that question during my ten years of teaching Reiki.
The basis of Reiki are a series of symbols that are supposed to enhance the healing process. Do they? Honestly, I don’t know. I like them, but I don’t count on them to do my healing—I don’t think we need props, and I don’t always use them.

But I like them, so I use them sometimes, and trust that they’ll help however they will help. The key word is trust.

If we believe in something, we give it power. If you believe that 7.7.07 has power, then your focus gives it a certain amount of power, so why not use that to your advantage?

If you believe in the significance of a particular date (say, the upcoming summer solstice), then take some time and think of what that means to you, and of the things in your life you’d like some clarity or help with, then set your intentions for that day.

Create some ritual for it, whether it be a morning walk, or writing your intentions on a piece of paper and burning them in an outdoor fire, or making the ceremonial s’mores over the campfire and reciting everything you’re thankful for.

It doesn’t matter. You create the meaning, the significance, the power and the intentions. Then you send all of that out, and see what happens.

You create the magic and meaning in your life—no one else. Listen to what others are saying, but then decide for yourself.

You know your life best, and you are totally capable of making very impressive decisions. Just take some time to think about what makes sense for you, then take action accordingly.

And as for me? My best friend is getting married on 8.8.08, so that’s magical and powerful enough for me. As for the rest of the important dates? We’ll see.

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