Essential Oils with Jen Crippen

By Tiffany Broden
Contributing Writer

When something is wrong in the body, whether it’s a depression or a physical problem, most people first instinct is to make a trip to the doctor’s office in hopes of a prescription to make everything all better. But Jen Crippen has a different suggestion. One she thoroughly believes in for both humans and their pets: Essential oils. She plans to talk about these oils, along with Skinny Coffee, at the Fargo Health and Holistic Expo April 16-17.

Essential oils are 100% natural. They’re found in flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds. Although most of the time these oils have a very pleasant aroma, it’s their chemical makeup that is the most important factor.

“I got into essential oils in May of 2001.” Crippen said. “I was skeptical at first, but my veterinarians held a small class on holistic health care for people and their pets. My two horses had low thyroid problems, so I tried a few different oils for them and myself. My vet monitored them and within 10 weeks they both had normal functioning thyroids. That was 10 years ago and I have been a believer ever since.”

There are a plethora of health benefits that result from the use of essential oils.

“I recommend people use them everyday.” Crippen said. “It helps for simple stuff like headaches, immune protection and relaxation. I use oils everyday for my hormones, to feel grounded and to de-stress. One way I use oils in my home is diffusing them to help me sleep and clarify my mind. I highly recommend people use them everyday for simple things like this, that way they can become comfortable with them when they really need them.”

The two most common ways to use essential oils is applying the oil directly on the skin such as on the wrists and temples, or inhaling by using diffusers.

“For people who want to get into using oils,” Crippen said, “I suggest they start with a small group of oils and learn all about them. There are plenty of books available and I encourage people to read them so all their questions are answered easily and immediately. I also suggest that they find the oils that work best for whatever their biggest health concern may be first.”

Crippen, who has been working with essential oils for 10 years, has over 10,000 clients.

“I wish I could get feedback from everyone.” Crippen said. “The ones that I hear back from tell me that they love having options outside of medications to help them feel calm, cool and relaxed. Other clients of mine have lost weight, improved their love life and even balance out of control blood sugar levels. If they take the steps forward to heal their bodies, they get some results in one way or another. Essential oils have helped my life so much. I was able to see how many health situations could be helped in a simple, nontoxic way. I use oils for things like respiratory congestion in my cats all the way to balancing my own hormones.”

There are various types of essential oils that are extracted from nature.

“My favorite oil is a blend called Stress Away.” Crippen said. “I liken it to liquid Xanax without the side effects. Sometimes I get a little claustrophobic in traffic jams or large crowds and this one helps me come back to earth. Another one of my favorite is copaiba, which helps me sleep and thirdly I love Valor. I wear it everyday on the bottom of my feet to help me feel balanced and grounded.”

Some common essential oils include: lavender, which is used for relaxation and sleep and eucalyptus or peppermint for energy.

“When people decide to do what it takes to get better from whatever health challenge they have, whether it’s changing a diet, lifestyle, supplements or jobs, I commend them,” Crippen said. “It’s not easy, and it’s such a reward when people tell me they made this step towards something better.”

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What: Jen Crippen Workshop
When: Sat. April 16 1-1:50 p.m.
Where: Fargo Civic Center
Crippen’s Workshop is part of the Health and Holistic Expo which will take place Sat. and Sun. Visit for more information

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