Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

By Susie Ekberg
Staff Writer

Q: I’ve heard a lot of musicians and writers use drugs to enhance their creative processes. Is this true? Do drugs really help creativity?

A: One of my sweetest friends (not from around here) was very excited to share one of her experiences. She was on top of a mountain, she became one with the Universe, she felt very connected and alive and…substances were involved. I felt that she wanted me to be excited with her, to validate her experience, to legitimize it somehow, but I just couldn’t. I was completely honest with her, and said that I just don’t condone drugs of any kind, for whatever reason.

But before you write me an e-mail in protest (and you’re perfectly welcome to write me about whatever you’re thinking), let me say that I’m well aware there are a lot of legal ‘drugs’ out there, including sugar, chocolate, coffee, shopping, sex, gambling, and on. That doesn’t make it okay just because it’s legal. Probably if you’re doing anything to get a synthetic feeling of wholeness and peace it’s a drug of some kind. But you asked me about illegal drugs (I’m assuming), so I’ll speak to that.

Here’s what I think: in a perfect world we wouldn’t need any artificial stimulus outside of ourselves to create any spiritual experiences (or creative connections). We would create our bliss simply by BEING Bliss itself. How? If we are 100% connected, peaceful, happy, fulfilled and aware, then everything is inside of us, and we don’t need to go looking outside of ourselves for any ‘help’. We would get inspired by looking at the sky, by walking in the park, by holding our child’s hand. We would get ‘high’ by just sitting under a tree or eating an orange. It CAN be that simple.

But right now, in this still imperfect world, it’s not that simple. So we look for props, for things that we think can help us BECOME that 100%. We try to justify our actions by saying things like, “I work hard – I deserve this,” or “everybody needs to have pretty things around them,” or “it just helps me relax – is that so bad?” I am not above any of this, my friends, so please don’t think I’m judgmental. I drink coffee, I eat sugar, and I really like to shop. It’s okay, I suppose, in moderation, but that’s not always the case with most of us. When we feel off balance, out of touch with our basic Cores, we feel uncomfortable and seek to bring our lives back into Balance. Again, in a perfect world that would be accomplished by maybe spending some time in a quiet place, closing your eyes, taking some deep breaths, rejuvenating yourself by going for a walk or taking a bath, by taking a nap, or spending time with friends or on a beloved hobby. Only YOU can know what fills you up, so it’s futile for me to make any kind of lists for you. I only know that my creativity is a boundless ocean on which I am constantly sailing.

Sometimes the wind is swift and I travel far; sometimes there is no wind and I sit in calm waters. There is beauty in all conditions. So when you tell me the musician or artist thinks they NEED drugs to be creative, I find that very sad. If they’re creating, they’re creating. If they don’t feel creative at the moment, maybe they need to fill their lives with enriching things that feed their creativity. Then maybe they wouldn’t need the drugs – they’d be in the Flow, and that is where all creativity originates (in my world).

As I write this I wonder if it sounds odd, but I just have to remain true to myself and my beliefs. I believe that everything is energy. There is higher energy that makes us feel good, and there is lower energy that drains us and makes us feel icky. If you immerse yourself in that higher energy of Love you will be living in a constant state of awe and bliss. I can feel it, can’t you? When you’re ‘there’ – I feel expanded, powerful, happy, and there is nothing that scares me. From that place I write straight from my Soul, no veils or blocks. Just me to you. And I am creative.

Are you balanced? Are you doing what you love, taking good care of your needs? No? Then you may be making choices that are not in your Highest Good. If you ARE doing what’s best for you and your life, I venture to say that you are NOT doing illegal drugs, or smoking, or drinking too much, or doing ANYTHING ‘too much’ other than loving yourself and the rest of the world and shining your Soul back to the world in the form of your creative Work, whatever that looks like.
I think everything we do is a creative expression of Who We Are, whether we’re musicians, artists, writers, mothers, lawyers, students, or children. If you’re 100%, you are able to express yourself 100%. If you’re NOT 100% yourself, you aren’t able to fully BE yourself. Then you may find yourself falling down the rabbit hole, chasing the Rabbit that promises you shiny things and all kinds of potential deliciousness. It isn’t found down the rabbit hole, my friends. All of that goodness and fulfillment is found right inside of you – don’t run away from yourself and your life.

Stay. And be wonderfully creative and happy. Write your songs and your stories from where you are, no props necessary. Just 100% You, 100% of the time. Now THAT’S perfection and what I’m interested in. You don’t need the drugs, or anything else that you think will complete you. I think you’re all you need.

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