False Evidence Appearing Real

Q: The following was an e-mail I received from a reader. Although it is not posed in the form of a question, I would still like to address it in my column. You can turn it into a question if you’d like – just add the phrase, “What do you think?” and you’ll get your question.

“I liked your last article in the last High Plains Reader. Your calm informative nature really helps people understand the coming change. I appreciate and look forward to your articles.

“I watched the Nostradamus 2012 documentary last night. If everyone reacts to what they predict, there will not be any food in the stores by January 2012. The media will create hysteria throughout the country. It will be Y2K times 1000. They predict starvation and global warming to the point that everyone will perish. It is going to take people with your abilities to calm the masses. Guns and ammunition are already being purchased by the case. People are preparing to protect their stockpiles and processions.

“It will take firm testimony from knowledgeable people like you to reduce the anxiety of this event. I feel that there will be a change. I pray we will not see the suffering and devastation they predict.”

I was surprised to get this e-mail, because I wasn’t aware that anybody believed in the original predictions of 2012 anymore. I’ve written on 2012 a couple of times already, but I’m interested in the phenomenon of fear that this reader spoke of, and how it can affect our behavior and shape our lives.

First off, I want to be clear that I am afraid at times. I’m far from perfect. I’m afraid my kids will get hurt or harmed, I’m afraid for my health, and the health of those I love, I’m kind of afraid of flying (although not too much anymore), I’m afraid of driving in the winter, and so on.

I heard a brilliant thing from Dick Richards, a writer and speaker who’s been to Fargo several times. He was speaking of why most people don’t go out and do new things, but are content to stay where they are. I proposed that psychologically we are predisposed to staying where we are, even if something new is perceived as slightly better than where we are. Richards offered that we are afraid of things we can’t control, and going off to do something that’s new to us is an unknown, and therefore something we can’t control.

If you translate that to 2012, or any current circumstance in your life that’s causing you to feel afraid, you may find Dick’s words make good sense. I can’t control whether my kids get hurt, sick, or harmed. Same goes for myself and other family and friends. I can’t control the weather, and I certainly can’t control the airplane when I’m sitting in it.

We feel like we can’t control a world situation if things quickly deteriorate, so we try to hedge our bets by stockpiling food, ammunition, etc. About a year ago I read “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy, and wow – it was THE most intense book I’ve read for a long time (the movie’s out, but I read that it wasn’t as good as the book –- they rarely are). What struck me was that money was useless, as were jewels, gold, and all those other things we value so much. Even gasoline was no good once the cars broke down. What was gold? Food (yes, there’s that one scene…). It started me thinking about how we prepare for things that scare us. We do a lot of things, but in the end it seems to boil down to only one or two things that are really important. The rest is just fluff and illusion.

If you take that one step further, then, what emotions, qualities, or practices are important in our lives during these frightening times? If you take the time to get to know yourself, you can make a mental (or physical) list of what calms you, what soothes you and makes you feel safe. What has meaning in your life? Meditation, tai chi, drinking tea, writing, yoga, exercise, being outdoors, laughing? The list is endless, but I guarantee there are one or two really distinct things that are core to your well-being.

But YOU need to find them –- nobody can do that for you. That’s crucial, I think, in these times. We don’t really have time to mess around with lots of frilly fads or theories or workshops, books, or self-appointed New Age gurus that tell you they have the Truth, and it’s available for a small fee. Any of that may or may not fit for you.

What are you afraid of? Death? Getting hurt? Not being able to get food? Losing your home? Losing all your possessions? (to be honest, that last one scares the hell out of me -– I love my things) Not being in control?

If you look at the future, you may think there’s only one possibility, like we walk along a certain line for our whole lives, and that’s just the way it is. But what if there are an unlimited amount of possibilities for the future? What if we are continually creating our future with every step we take, with every decision we make? What if the best we might ever hope for is a glimpse at what future might have the strongest probability of occurring? If that’s true, then what if we can CHANGE what we fear might be our future? Do you think that’s possible? I totally do.

Here’s what I know about the future. Let’s say diabetes runs in my family. I’m scared about that. I have several options at this point that will affect my future outcome. I can do nothing and take my chances. I can be so stressed out and afraid that I eat panfulls of brownies and down big gulps of Coke, and bring the diabetes ever more quickly and powerfully to me. Or I can keep a good weight, eat right and get good exercise and theoretically eliminate the possibility of diabetes from my horizon.

You see? With your thoughts and actions you can influence the future. I’m NOT talking about the materialistic ‘Secret’ influencing and manifesting, though. I’m talking about your life’s journey path future. I believe in free will; at the same time I also believe that nothing is an accident, and we are divinely led down our path. Now, WHICH path we take – that’s another story, and that’s what I’m talking about here. We’ll all get over the mountain, but are you going up the steep face, by the river, open field, or by taking the easy road?

So hundreds of years ago humanity was on a certain path. If we were to keep walking on that path, we would end up at a certain destination. That destination? Enlightenment, but not here on Earth; we would need to start over, hence the predicted destruction of the world by 2012. I happen to think we’ll still end up at that certain destination, Enlightenment, but without Earth’s destruction. We’ve taken a different route.

How would that change your life if you were to believe in this concept? Would it give you more of a feeling of empowerment? That’s what I care about – how YOU feel. I don’t care what others are spouting about – doom and gloom and stockpiling and destruction. That’s old news, old energy that represents duality thinking and separation.

We’re in a new world now, we really are. A world of unity and power. Fear is the opposite of love, the opposite of power and freedom. It’s limiting, dense, conditional and limiting and dark. And besides that, it’s just not true. Earth will NOT end in 2012. That was old news some 23 years ago. But again, don’t take my word for it. Check in with yourself. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and ask yourself what YOU think. How do you live your life, how do you view others and the world?

The path to empowerment lies in making conscious decisions, based on your intuition and knowingness. When you are ‘em-powered’ you are filled with power, and that energy will help locomote you where you want to go in your life, by whichever path you take. See? It’s not written in stone – it’s flexible. What vision, what future will YOU choose?

For me – I honestly didn’t think there was anyone out there who still thought the world would end in 2012. I thought we were beyond that. Apparently not, but it’s not on my radar anymore. Take it off your radar if you want to – you’ll probably feel better. And spend your money helping others, helping create that loving world of the future, not stockpiling handguns and ammunition. That’s my advice.

Fear has been defined as “False Evidence Appearing Real.” If that’s true, then let’s create the real, based on true evidence, shall we? Enough of the false. Enough.

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