psychic energy report 02-10-11

February Energy Report

Micara Link
Staff Writer

The beginning of the year has been incredible so far! By incredible I mean, there’s been a lot of new, high vibration energy that has literally flooded the Earth. This energy surge is the beginning of the many energy shifts that we will be experiencing throughout the year.

The Earth is making room for new energy; the earth is shifting, cleansing and renewing itself.  We are seeing this in the form of the floods, earthquakes and the shift of the magnetic north pole. I am seeing how the Earth’s energy is expanding to hold this beautiful new frequency of light. Not only is the Earth expanding, but so are we. This energy is very intense, and it can feel like it’s creating a lot of disruption within our lives. We might feel shaky, flooded with emotions, and like we’re changing direction completely, just as the Earth is. These disruptions and changes help us move forward and evolve into our next stage of spiritual evolution. We are being forced to look for new answers, choose new decisions and create a new path. Remember that even if we don’t know all the answers, there’s a higher purpose to it all. All these new changes are good, as they open us to up to new doorways of opportunity and expanded creation. These new pathways are ultimately bringing us all into more complete alignment with our highest good and soul’s purpose.

Imagine a dark and dingy room. You don’t like it in there; it’s cluttered, messy, it’s a place you put all your junk. You ignore this room because you don’t want to deal with all the crap that’s in there. You don’t turn on the lights, you even try your best not to think of it. We all have these kinds of rooms, not necessarily in our tangible, physical house, but within the house of our soul. There are parts of ourselves or aspects of our lives that we don’t like: pain and hurt that we’ve shoved away, denial, disapproval, hate, fear, criticism and so on. All that we’ve ignored, bottled up, or held resentment toward is placed in that room. We push, we shove, we fight ourselves from dealing with it.  This new high vibration light, is acting like a giant flashlight, and we’re being strongly guided to use it. It’s time to look at our darkness, our ego, and the parts of our lives that just aren’t working anymore. We’ve been given a huge cosmic push to look inside that room and face it all. It’s time, and it’s necessary.

There’s many of you who have already gone through this shift back in 2010, so if you’re reading this and feeling like “been there, done that,” that’s fine and completely perfect. You were part of the first wave, and now you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with positive momentum, clarity and purpose. Awesome job! You are leading the way for the others.

For the rest of us, who are currently going through it or going through another wave of it, you’re most likely experiencing: confrontations, inability to concentrate, anger, frustration, feeling stuck, anxiousness, and a major butt-kicking by your ego. Our egos love to hold onto the past. One of the hardest things for our ego to do is to quiet down, let go and allow. When we get big energy surges like we have recently, the ego kicks into high-gear, grasping for control because it can sense change. Change is scary to the ego; it wants to hold onto the familiar even if it’s not for our highest good. The rise of our ego is going to create most of these uneasy feelings, especially the anxiety, anger and inability to concentrate. It’s trying to control you. However, this beautiful new energy is now within us, and there’s nothing it can do. We must shift. We must change and allow our old selves to fall away so we can be lifted up into this new state of being.

To cope with this new shift, there are a few things you can do. These are just suggestions; always turn inward to your soul for guidance as to what’s best for you.

1. Face your shadow. Clean up that dark and dingy room so it sparkles and shines! It’s time to take action and face it all. Everything that you’ve left undone is now time to complete and come to peace with. This means making that phone call to a friend or family member you’ve had conflict with, facing your fears and trusting yourself, taking that leap you’ve always wanted to take. The time is now.  Soon enough, you’ll see your darkness turn to light, disruption and fear turn to peace and doubt turn to clarity.

2. Let go and trust. I see a lot of new coming into people’s lives this year. All these changes are ushering out the old and bringing in the new! This means new jobs, new opportunities, new homes, new relationships, new everything! This is very exciting! This is a year to plant seeds, focus on your dreams and intend for the best. As you do you’ll see your entire life shift to propel these into fruition. Although, things might appear to be unclear right now, let go of the outcome, trust that all is in divine order and allow yourself to be open to what’s coming.

3. Drink lots of water. As our bodies adjust to these new frequencies it needs water to help flush out the toxins. I’ve also been guided to add a lot more citrus to my diet. It’s like I can’t get enough lemons, grapefruit and oranges.  When I ask my guides, “Why citrus?”  I’m being told that they have detoxifying properties and are helping my body cleanse and balance, as well as enjoy the “sweetness and juiciness” of life.

4. Lastly, stay positive and present. Know that in the dark and uneasy times, the biggest and best things happen to us.  We need to face the dark in order to see the light. We need to let go of the old to let in the new. Take some time to breathe, let your body and mind relax, place your hand on your heart and feel the answers within.

This new wave began in January and is going to continue to wash its way throughout the Earth and each of us until March. At that time, I see a brief pause followed by another surge. Here we go!  Let the adventures begin!

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