Getting Needled: Parte Deux

By Susie Ekberg
Staff Writer

I should probably write about current tendencies to feel scatterbrained, because apparently I forgot to send in the second part of my interview with Robert Angotti! But have no fear - here it is!
As HPR readers may recall from our June 24 issue, Robert Angotti is an acupuncturist with Red River Health.

High Plains Reader: What kinds of success have you seen over the years?

Robert Angotti: “Success is a hard word for me. It gives me too much credit and it implies that there is more of a destination in these practices than may be the case. Nevertheless, I suppose I would measure success by the degree to which I have helped to positively impact another’s life.

“Seeing families have a child when doctors have said they could not is an immense joy. Seeing someone suffering suddenly feel enough relief to smile, laugh and make eye contact after days of grimacing through pain is a real honor. Seeing people grow centered, confident and connected to something greater than themselves through the practice of Aikido is quite joyous.

“Having students come back to the area just to practice Aikido with us is very special. Just being a part of a shift in someone’s life, be it an epic shift or a minor one, is what draws me to teaching and practicing medicine. I will let others decide what of these things amounts to success. I still have a lot of not-doing to do.”

As always, what we see on the surface is not all there is to see. I like looking beyond. Here’s a deeper look at Robert and about Red River Health in general. When I look at Robert I see someone about 10 feet tall, wearing a white robe with a jute belt on, hands slightly out to his sides closed, facing down.

This tells me a lot of things. I’m feeling some past life energy big time for Robert, and it has to do with being a monk. This lifetime is all about discipline and a sincere striving for integration of body, mind and spirit. There is an amazing balance between all three energies.

Robert has crystals for eyes. That tells me that he sees things purely and clearly (and always strives to do so), and has a great love of humankind. There’s an understanding that people are doing the best they can, and a desire to help them bring out the light in their souls. This is done more with his presence than with words, as it looks like Robert sometimes feels that words are more fluff than substance, and it’s action that’s important.

It’s also a lifetime of transformation, of developing into something larger than yourself (probably why I saw him as 10 feet tall) by first discovering, then utilizing all of his strengths. It’s about teamwork, working together with all the different sides of himself to create something larger than what you started with – the sum is greater than the whole of its parts.

Red River Health is the embodiment of Robert’s philosophy of combining strengths and energies, weaving them into a strong bond of body, mind and spirit. The philosophy of RRH might well be “you can only achieve wellness when all of you is in balance, and we will help you find that balance.”

The energy around the building is light and white – very high frequency, but also a sense of calm and quiet. People feel like they are transported to a different place when they enter – their thoughts quiet down, they are more peaceful, and healing is achieved partly by just being in the building! It looks as if RRH is in the process of transformation itself – expanding and shifting into something even better, and from what I’ve seen about Robert, that would suit him just fine.

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