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Heroes of the Universe

By Susie Ekberg
Staff Writer
Q: You’ve spoken about this before, but I can hardly cope these days! Everything seems so hard, and everyone else is having a hard time, as well, I can’t even help them. What are we supposed to be doing, and what in the world is going on? I thought this was supposed to be getting better?

A: Yes, I’ve written about this before, a lot, even. I also seem to talk about this weekly with all of my clients AND friends and family, so apparently there’s always more to be said about your question(s). I’m glad to explore a little more with you. Yes, it DOES seem that life appears to be getting increasingly more and more difficult… in some respects.

In other respects, life feels fabulous, and miraculous, and full of goodness and richness and abundance and light. We just need to have the eyes to see the ‘good’ along with the difficult.
When you say things are hard for you, I’m assuming you mean physical things. Are you feeling overwhelmed, like you have a billion things to accomplish every day, and you can hardly drag out of bed? Or you feel that everyone is needing you, and yet you can hardly take care of yourself?

Okay, deep breaths, everybody. I’ve said it before, and I’ve certainly been known to say things more than once (just ask my kids), so I’ll say it again. If you look at a tornado, it is very dangerous to be caught in the outer parts of it – that’s where the flying debris is, and the high winds. But if you could travel into the very center of that storm, you would find it very peaceful and calm. Hence the phrase, “eye of the storm.”

If you are not in your own Center, you probably feel tossed and twirled around, off balance, probably even nauseous (yes, physical symptoms often mimic symbolic, spiritual symptoms), but it’s difficult to get to your Center if you have no idea what I’m talking about, or you’re used to your old schedule of run run run.

Your Center is energetically where you ‘are’ when you feel calm, expanded, happy, and grateful. You ‘get’ there whenever you’re doing anything that brings you great joy. You DON’T reside there when you are doing things you don’t want to be doing, whether they’re for someone else, or because you think you ‘should’ be doing them, or if you’re doing too much. You aren’t there when you’re angry, resentful, fearful, demanding, impatient (oops!) or obsessive (oops again!).

So YOU can begin to figure out when you’re ‘there’ and when you’re not, and then tune in to your body and feel your energy at those different times. You’ll have your own unique sensations and experiences.

For myself, when I’m in what I call my Happy Place, I feel larger than my present body, like my physical boundaries extend out further, and I feel like I’m sitting in a huge green field under a clear blue sky. I have a smile on my face, and I’m peaceful, not anxious. Everything is just okay, no matter what’s going on.

I think this is a really important concept to think about, work on, and get interested in. Why? Because this work just isn’t getting any easier, folks. In that sense, I think it’s just going to keep getting harder because we’re expected to grow more and more skilled at working with ourselves and this new vision.

It’s like taking math. You start with addition. 2+2=4. That’s easy, right? Move on to subtraction. Still easy. Multiplication? Kind of easy. Division? A little more difficult. Algebra? Uhm, that’s going to take a little more work, but you can do it if you build on what you’ve already learned in previous classes. But if you don’t keep progressing, you’re going to get lost and feel overwhelmed, kind of like how you’re describing your current condition, n’est-ce pas?

Could it be that you’re not paying enough attention in school? When you’re getting your lessons, are you working with them, working to understand and integrate them into your life? Or are you just rushing from class to class, for the sake of being there, not for the sake of learning? Only you can figure that one out.

And I’m not talking about the whole “life as a big school” kind of thing. I’m talking about finding the deeper, basic, core patterns and ways YOU work. Why do you always have the same reactions to things? Can you try something different? Get interested, get intrigued, do some investigative work, do some experimenting. Don’t be afraid to fail – you can’t – you’re the greatest expert on yourself.

Once you get the hang of some of these new concepts, you can make the decision to hang out in your calm Center. Or if not hang out there all the time, at least GO there when you feel the debris of life smacking you upside the head.

It may take some time to re-program your thoughts and actions, but once you do, you should be able to see all of those wonderful things I spoke about, as well. Those times when you’re just positively giddy for no reason, laughing out loud, nothing can bother you, life is a big Christopher Guest movie, and you are so happy to be alive. You’ll be able to not only SEE the miracles all around you, but you’ll be able to manifest them (it’s true – I’ve got a lot of stories, trust me).

Now THAT’S cool! And it’s not difficult, or hard, or intense, or trying, or tiring. It’s what we’re moving toward, and what all of this is about – creating that 100% Soul Consciousness here on Earth, here in our physical bodies! I’ve been speaking about this for over 10 years, and yes, I thought we’d be done by now, but I just overestimated how dense we humans are!

It’s taking some time, but my best advice is that when you are feeling REALLY overwhelmed, step back, take a deep breath, call a friend and vent to them, and just put one foot in the other.
Don’t expect too much from yourself – realize that you’re doing the best you can, and realize that you DO have support, whether you feel it or not. We are the heroes of the Universe right now, doing the seemingly impossible, and if we say anything looks impossible, you’re going to KNOW it’s going to be difficult, right?

Doing anything great involves time, effort, sweat, and some intensity. It just does. So hang in there – do your Work, find your Center, then make it your Home. And all along the way, remember to have fun, because in the end, THAT’S what it’s really about.

But again, that’s just part of how I see things, and what helps me get through the difficult times – seeing the humor in everything. Hey – what did the Buddhist monk say to the hot dog vendor? Make me one with everything…

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