Higher Consciousness Unveiled

Doomsday. Apocalypse. End of Days. Year of Planetary Ascension.

With the ancient Mayan calendar widely believed to end on December 21, 2012, many scholars and mystics alike claim this date marks the end of time as we know it, or the Apocalypse. But rather than hellfire and doom and gloom, there is a growing school of thought that believes instead this date signifies a time of great spiritual transformation in human beings—Higher Consciousness or Global Consciousness—and that the earth will experience a devastating cataclysmic event shortly before or after its planetary ascension to the “4th Density,” the next step in its evolution. 

Loosely translated from the Greek, Apocalypse is an “unveiling” of something that was once hidden from mankind. 

So how does one prepare for this change if such predictions are held true? For lifelong mystic Kira Raa, the key is self-awareness and recognizing our own higher consciousness. “Higher Consciousness is the gift we each possess when we simply allow ourselves to let go of worry, doubt, guilt and fear,” she says.  “Through the release of these and other, limiting beliefs we are then free to express from the place of oneness. This space allows us the opportunity to claim our true abundant nature, and to recognize that a divine plan is always in action!”

“The best place to learn about this gift (of Higher Consciousness) is from your own heart,” says Raa. “When you awaken to your self-trust, the recognition that all the answers have always been within you comes forward.  In our world, learning how to trust yourself is the journey we travel throughout our life.  Begin by trusting your instincts. Read, listen, explore and ultimately bring everything you encounter into the one trustworthy truth detector…you!”

Angelic oracle Kira Raa and wisdom teacher Sri Ram Kaa will give the keynote address at Fargo’s Second Annual Holistic Expo April 19, “2012 Atlantean Revelations: The Wisdom-Prophecy Convergence.” The talk will offer a new perspective on the 2012 predictions and the path of self-ascension. 

In their article “2012: A Positive Future?” Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa explain: “We are at the time of great choice; the time to fully re-member and embrace our soul energy…Is it even possible to truly shift the balance of negativity?  The bottom line is that we are currently living in a society that is addicted to fear and violence…The gift of violence addiction is that it offers the opportunity to break through into a balanced essence of being.  To literally lift oneself up, which collectively lifts all, while offering the energetic recognition of our core essence and limitless understandings.”

“Each core essence, (soul), is feeling the energetic shift that is happening globally,” they write.  “There are many energies coming into play now, and fear is one of those energies. There are many who are moving into greater intensity. Many are aligned with their core essence for the first time; and this is a great celebration!”

A psychotherapist, Reiki Master, Avesa Quantum Healer, and ordained minister, Sri Ram Kaa was “awakened” in 1990 on the inside passage of Alaska. Once a successful businessman, he began many years of mystical and spiritual training to hone his gift of prophetic visions and ancient wisdom and positively impact the lives of others. 

After a near-death experience during cancer therapy in 1989, Kira Raa soon left the traditional business world where she ran one of the largest women-owned insurance agencies in the country to pursue her spiritual calling and “provide deep centered insights, angelic messages, and healings crystallized and [bring] clarity and peace to thousands nationally and internationally.” As a well-known Oracle and Intuitive, Kira Raa has achieved a 99% accuracy rate.

The couple offers guidance for realizing and utilizing your own positive energy: “A simple exercise to begin regularly embracing positive energy is to call forth your core essence each morning by simply declaring Thank You upon arising. It takes practice to consistently embrace positive energy and create a new habit. One way to support the morning Thank You is to recognize your mind will want to lapse into forgetfulness, and by placing a post it note by your bed with the words Thank You written on it, you will stay in the flow of positive memory,” they write. “Gift yourself by sharing time with a like-minded, positively oriented community. Teach your children that the harmony of peace energy is a true gift.”

Learn more at http://www.SelfAscension.com .

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