I Don’t Know, I Don’t Know, I Just Don’t Know

Q: I read in a book that cancer is a result of suppression, that’s manifested behind whatever chakra is blocked. So my questions and curiosity got the best of me. A friend of mine lost her two-year-old to cancer. How can a two-year-old suppress anything if they have not even begun living? And if we predetermine our lives before we return, then how can cancer come from a suppression? Any ideas or options on this?

A: I have a postcard taped to my office door. It reads, “I don’t know I don’t know I just don’t know.” That motto applies in this case, but I’ll try my best to answer your very difficult questions. I’ve never been one to really look at anything and see just one explanation. I think most everything is interconnected and interrelated, and nothing can be explained with just a pat answer that fits every situation, especially regarding cancer.

This is such a touchy subject, and one that I am trusting everyone will breathe along with me as I attempt to offer my opinions, experiences and observations on it. If I DO accidentally touch a sensitive spot in you, feel free (as always) to e-mail me. But also, as always, please know that I am only offering you what I believe and know to be true, for me. We all have different opinions and beliefs, and it is never my intention to upset, hurt or anger anybody with my words.

I can understand the thought that cancer is a result of suppression and a blocked chakra (energy centers found throughout the body). That’s the physiological response to the consequences of our lifestyles. If we have a closed heart emotionally, we may suffer a heart attack because that energy is blocked or shut down. If we are afraid of living our lives fully, we may smoke, and that may result in lung cancer, and so on. There’s also heredity and genetics. If your parents had pancreatic cancer, does it raise your risk of also getting it?

I’ve researched that very question, and have come up with a range of answers – yes, almost 100%, yes, but only 5% influenced by genetics, yes, but we switch those genes on or off with our diet and lifestyle, or no – we’re totally in charge of our destinies. As is almost always the case, I can understand ALL of those viewpoints, but again, the physical manifestation is only part of the story.

I don’t believe anything just happens. I believe that there is some reason or purpose behind everything (if we ever took the time to figure it out, or even COULD figure out why everything happens). Even if we have free will down here, I think we are also working on a lot of other different levels and are working with other agendas and timelines than we just can’t fully understand down here. We just aren’t conscious enough.

I will say this at the beginning – it is absolutely horrible, gut-wrenching, sad and awful when a child dies, whether from cancer or an accident or illness. We see the natural course of life to be that we are born, we grow up, we grow old, then we die. Anything besides that is usually seen as an affront and an insult to us. It’s just not right! Or fair. And I understand THAT, as well. One of my best friend’s two year old died of cancer some years ago. I sat with him, held him, did Reiki on him, cried over him. And when we knew he wouldn’t be getting better, I got really angry. I questioned the existence of God, made threats and pleas. I felt helpless and useless. I couldn’t DO anything to keep him alive, and I hated that.

What kind of God would let a child die? But even during those 9 months from the diagnosis to his death, there were uncountable miracles and gifts and indescribable experiences, just speaking from my own experience. I learned a lot about my friend, about love, about relationships, about my relationship with God and about myself. It was awful at the time, that pain, but even in the middle of it, I felt that there was something greater going on that I couldn’t see or alter. And I wouldn’t even like to think I COULD alter the course of someone else’s life, if it wasn’t in their Highest Good. To me, THAT would be really scary.

So in the end it still remains the great mystery, this whole life/death thing. I think we can hedge our bets with the cancer thing by living the healthiest life possible (I call it living the ‘clean’ life) – I started to write all of the things that I think you can do to live a clean life, but I’ve written them so many times, I trust you remember them. Common sense rules, in the end. If you have family health issues, see if there aren’t some things you can do especially with prevention of those specific issues. If diabetes runs in your family, keep your weight down, eat healthy food, exercise, and cut down on (or out) your consumption of refined sugars and flour. If cancer runs in your family, try getting a CRP test to check for inflammation in your body. Keep your body alkaline, as many health problems seem to be linked to too much acidity, check to see what supplements and vitamins may be helpful (be sure to check with a licensed practitioner when embarking on a new regime, especially if you are on prescription meds).

I’m a strong advocate for alternative healing modalities, so you might want to check out any of these and try some if they resonate with you. Reiki (I swear by Reiki, but then I’ve been practicing it for 10 years, so I’ve personally seen thousands of health issues helped with it), meditation, creative visualization, acupuncture, aromatherapy, lymph massage, ionic foot baths, biofeedback, yoga, tai chi. All of these are designed to work with your body’s energy fields to balance, unblock, and align your energy. That is my answer to your question about the suppressed energy behind the chakras. Yes, I’ve seen some pretty far out stuff out there that I don’t personally resonate with, but you may think some of the things I’ve mentioned above are far out, so again, it all comes down to you making up your own mind about what makes sense to you.

While I’m writing, a beautiful book came into my mind – “Big George: The Autobiography of an Angel,” by James Jennings. It’s a story written from a little baby’s perspective. It’s got a lot about Jesus and God in it; I found this part especially poignant, in Big George’s mom’s words: “Maybe he is an angel, honey. Maybe God sent us an angel to help bring folks together, help us all love each other. You think that might be so, George?” That book offers one opinion as to why things happen the way they do. There are countless other opinions, I think, because everyone wants to find answers.

We all strive to understand why things happen. Why do children get cancer and die? Could we have done anything to prevent it? Again, a lot of questions and no definitive answers. Why? Because we just don’t know. We really don’t. I’m not going to pretend to understand why some people die before they’re old. But in the end, I DO still believe that there is SOME reason, SOME purpose behind everything that happens in our lives, and if we could turn those jumbled threads on the canvas around, we could then see the picture that emerges. But only if we’re able to see it from the other side, and for the most part, that just isn‘t possible.

The best we can do, then, is to love each other, love ourselves and live as fully as possible. Be gentle with each other, be respectful of each other, forgive each other, be grateful, find joy in every moment (if possible); above all – love. That’s the only thing I DO know for sure.

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