If I Could Change the World…

Q: What are some good ways to create an environment that promotes well-being and positive change?

A: Wow, are you super-tuned in, or what? I’m seeing you as someone who is really sensitive to their surroundings, and to other people’s energies. Not only that, you can sense those subtler things no matter where you are. You’re aware of it in buildings, situations, relationships, even in different cities and landscapes.

If you really ARE that plugged in to your environment, then I suggest that you use your innate abilities to do this simple exercise. It may help you figure out your OWN ways of creating a positive environment.

Start by holding your hands, palms facing each other, about a foot apart. Concentrate on the feeling in your hands. Now bring them slowly together, still focusing on what you’re experiencing through your hands. Feel that? Powerful, isn’t it? Now move your hands slowly together and out, together and out. Get to know the subtle differences in feeling.

When you’ve mastered that, employ the aid of a good friend. While they are sitting, hold your hands, palms facing them but not touching them, and again pay attention to what you’re feeling and sensing. Move your hands over the top of their head, then down their back, over their arms, never touching them, but staying about 6 inches away. Can you feel any differences as you move? Take note of what you’re experiencing.

What you’re doing is developing your empathic senses; that is, your ability to sense energies around you. It’s easiest to feel them emanating from another person, as our energies are very strong. But once you feel confident that you are able to translate that energy into a conscious feeling, then you can move on to inanimate objects.

Try tuning into the energy of a plant, an animal, a tree. Lay on the grass and tune into the Earth herself. Feel the air on your face and see if you can feel that sweet energy. Now, confident in your powers, you can walk into any room or building or city or state and tune in. Are you feeling energetic, peaceful, happy? Or do you feel tired, angry, sad, or scared?

Once you figure out what resonates with you, you can bring that consciously into your life, now knowing what does and does not work for you. You’re not saying that something is bad for anyone else, but now you’re a master at creating your own great environment. That’s what I do!

Having said that, there are some obvious things that harm any environment, and they are destructive habits, anger, broken things, fear, clutter, unhealthy products for home and yard and body, stress, doing too much, an unhealthy partnership or family relationships, excess, jealousy.

If you DO any of those things you may want to re-examine your life. If you are AROUND any of those things you want to re-examine what you have IN your life. But again, only YOU can really decide for yourself what works and what doesn’t. No matter how hard I try, I always manage to surround myself with a little clutter, but that makes me feel very happy because my mom was like that, and that’s a connection I apparently feel comfortable keeping (not that my husband likes it)!

So if something or someone isn’t helping support you on your journey to a happy happy joy joy life, then don’t feel badly when you discover you need to leave them. Like the old saying goes, “It’s not you – it’s me.” And it IS you! You are now creator of your world, and you get to say who and what’s in it.

What means well-being and positive change to me may mean something totally different to you, so here’s to YOU creating change in your life. With your great energy, I urge you to always trust your knowingness, and trust the rest to continue to fall into perfect place.

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