I’m Right, You’re Wrong

Q: Why do some people act like they have all the answers? I want to scream at them sometimes, but they wouldn’t hear me anyway.

A: Well, let me tell you the correct answer to that, because I’m right, and you’re (most likely) going to be wrong. Argh, doesn’t it almost make you crazy?

I guess if I were enlightened enough, I’d just smile and lightly laugh, able to walk away. But no, usually I’m a pit bull, sinking my teeth into my opponent, wanting to force them to understand that it’s only their opinion, and one side, and everybody’s entitled to their own opinion.

But no go. They walk away thinking I’m stupid, and they’re probably grateful that they’re so smart (and right).
Imagine we’re all on a massive mountain. Some are on the north side, some on the south. Some are at the bottom, some in the middle. If I’m in the middle on the north side, and I say to someone, “Look at that view! It’s spectacular!” They might say, “What are you talking about? That cesspool? You’re crazy!” They may be standing at the bottom on the south side, which indeed does look out over a cesspool.

From where they are standing, they see what they see. And no amount of insistence from me can change what they see. Only they can change their perspective by journeying to another viewpoint. You cannot see what you cannot see.
Just understanding this concept may help you understand where other people are coming from. It’s human nature to want others to agree with our vision. That strengthens the possibility that we’re where we should be, doing what we should be doing.

It takes a certain amount of maturity and determination to move off that primary spot, to wonder what else is out there, what’s possible, what other viewpoints there are.

Eventually you get to a place where you understand we’re all different, and that’s okay. You don’t have to agree with everyone, but it’s good to respect them as much as you can.

What if someone’s being disrespectful, unkind, or even hurtful to you or someone else? By all means, state your feelings, but again, you can’t force anyone else to change or what you tell them to do.
And vice versa. If someone tells you, “this is the way it is,” you can smile and say, “for you.” If they keep insisting, smile again, then just walk away. That is a fight I guarantee you you will never win.

Remember: we’re all just on different sides of the same mountain, looking at different things. Not right or wrong, just different.

And different’s a grand way to live—fresh, not boring. Exciting and new.

Someday “they” will probably get it, but until then, you are only responsible for you getting it.

Got it?


Posted 6 years, 2 months ago by Susie Ekberg | Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) | View Susie Ekberg's profile.

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