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Interview with Dr. Josh Jaeger of Life Energy Chiropractic

By Micara Link
Contributing Writer

When I visited Dr. Josh a few months ago for my overall health care and wellness, I knew there was something different. I could sense his passion, discipline, and sense of purpose in the care he provided. With every adjustment I received, I could literally feel the life force energy begin to run more effectively through my body. With the health benefits I felt I was receiving along with his passion for his work, I thought it’d be nice to get to know him a little more.

What lead you to choose chiropractic as a career?  I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor in 10th grade.  I thought what a great way to be a doctor but also to stay “in the game” with athletes. It was during chiropractic school that I found out why, as I was hearing and seeing so many “miracle stories” about children and adults receiving more hope for their life and health through chiropractic. As a child, I had six sets of ear tubes for multiple ear infections. No one told my parents about chiropractic! What could my health potential have been as a child? What could you or your child’s health potential be like?  That’s why I now do what I do. I tell the story!

Every Chiropractor is different, how does your practice standout? How would you like to be greeted with an enthusiastic “Happy Monday Jackie!,” or a Big Hug when you walk in the door and/or after your adjustment? We ask different questions to get different results. We work with your nervous system (brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves) as opposed to chasing the pain which is a small symptom as to what actually is the true cause. We are a state-of-the-art paperless clinic with touch screen technology, NASA certified technology used to evaluate the nervous system of which only 9,000 doctors world wide use. We look at how you move, what you eat and the way you think on a daily basis that also contributes to your lifestyle and state of adaptation. What’s also unique is that I work within Core Health Chiro and so your health doesn’t have to be put on hold. Both of us doctors want to help you achieve your health goals, we’re here to help any way we can.

Does your practice specialize in any specific treatments?  That’s a great question! We just help the person’s nervous system adapt to their environment better than what it’s currently doing. We find that if you begin to specifically treat and isolate, you lose sight of the person as a whole and therefore aren’t able to help the patient reach their optimal level of health and life. We do use a tonal approach using both manual (hand) adjustments and use a tool called the Integrator.

What can someone expect when they come to see you? The truth! I’m going to get the information I need to make an educated decision on whether or not chiropractic can help.  Neither of us should be second guessing on how we may or may not be able to help you. I don’t adjust on your first visit. Again, we’re looking for different results, better results, aren’t you?  Know that when you’re here, you become part of the family. The moment when you give up on your health before we do, is when you lose your health and everything you’ve worked for.

What is your philosophy or belief behind the work that you do? The power that made your body heals your body! We were all created the same, our genes are just expressed in different ways but there is one thing that allows everyone to function and live without any form of though and that’s your Innate Intelligence. Think about it, if you cut your finger, it begins to heal within a matter of 24 hours. Every time or every time? It just needs no interference. Wellness is really a holistic form of health. When has health ever come in a bottle, pill or lotion? You don’t catch a disease, it’s just you in a different physiological state of function.

What are you passionate about? I’m passionate about Life! Why live in a state of uncertainty, fear, lack or sickness? Why not live in a state of abundance, passion, freedom and health!  Society in general looks for excuses not to do something positive or because it’s all about ME! I’ve been down that road, it stinks, there’s nothing fun about it. When you begin to BE a person who makes what you DO about someone else and bigger than you, you begin to HAVE what it is that you want as a by-product. And when your WHY is begin enough, the HOW shows up.

What is one of your favorite chiropractic success or miracle stories? There are so many “chiropractic miracle stories!”  From women being able to conceive after being adjusted or children no longer having ear infections or colic to an individual being paralyzed for five years from the waist down, being told he would never walk or use his legs again receiving adjustments and months later move his legs. Or seeing children with daily seizures decrease or one of my recent patients having migraines so frequently, so severely that she contemplated suicide only to come to my office and receive the power of the adjustment and her nervous system adapt to life and not a migraine since! That’s emotionally overwhelming for me.  Lives are at stake!  I’m here to help make a difference for people and give them hope. There will be so many more stories; it’s only a matter of who’s next!

What are some misconceptions about chiropractic care? What myths would you like to dispel?  There are a number of them but I’ll touch on three. Some myths I’d like to immediately deflate are, “Once you go to a chiropractor, they want you to go back the rest of your life.”  At first glance most issues may seem fresh and new, when in reality, they’re long standing and have bigger health implications. But when your life begins to change for the good and you get results you’re looking for why do you stop there? Championship teams don’t stop training when they’re on top, they continue to train to stay at the top. Your health shouldn’t be any different and those that see that continue to make chiropractic part of their lifestyle. Another issue I hear is, “Chiropractic can’t possibly help with any of my issues. Well, you’ve got a spine and a nervous system, right? That’s what I work with! It controls and regulates every cell, tissue and organ in your body. If it doesn’t have the proper signal being sent to and from it, it can’t function properly. Chiropractic is what allows those nerves to function properly without the use of drugs or surgery or any other interference. Finally, “Can chiropractic help with children?”  Children actually do extremely well with chiropractic care. They’re much easier to adjust as there are less invasive techniques utilized to adjust their spine and nervous system. It’s far better to allow create a healthy child than to repair a damaged adult.
Any last piece of information you’d like to share? One thing that gets under my skin is that a lot of people have reservations about seeing a chiropractor based upon others failed attempts because they didn’t follow through with recommendations or another health care providers incomplete knowledge of how safe chiropractic is. Did you know that chiropractors malpractice insurance for one year is less than what you would pay for rent or car payments in one year?  There’s only one reason, chiropractic is safe! You just have to give it a chance, after all, for some of you, it might be your last chance at normal health. No drug or surgery can give you health. I love what I do and what chiropractic has to offer and I hope you will enjoy it too as it is my mission to make this community and state the healthiest in the nation! It starts with you!

Josh Jaeger, D.C.
Life Energy Chiropractic & Wellness
4955 17th Ave. S., Fargo, ND 58103
701-356-LIFE (5433)

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