I’ve Got Your Number…

Q: Do you believe in numerology, or the significance of certain numbers? Sometimes it makes sense to me, and other times it seems like nonsense.

A: I agree with you! Sometimes the theory of numerology seems to make sense to me, and at other times I think people just enjoy coming up with “powerful” dates and numbers because it’s fun and they’re bored.

It goes back to the whole theory of symbolism. Do symbols, in and of themselves, carry any power? I think everything carries power, but the symbols are also given power by those who believe in them.

Take the symbol of the cross—that conjures up all sorts of feelings and emotions from people. Likewise the symbol of the spiral, flame, sun, swastika (ironically, originally a symbol of peace).

Numbers? I’ve been seeing 11:11 since I was a child. More recently, the triple digits of 111, 333, and 555.

Doreen Virtue has a great book called “Angel Numbers” where she gives her definitions of the different numbers up to 1000. I’ve found those to be pretty accurate when I’ve looked at them.

But again, it doesn’t really matter what other people say about something, be they numbers, symbols, events, whatever. It matters what you think about everything, what makes sense to you, because that’s what this is all about—figuring your world out…for yourself.

So numerology can also be about figuring out what soul number you are, based on your name, birthdate, and so on. There’s also figuring out if your house is a “good” house, based on your street number, and on.
And I know I’ve only touched on the long history and uses for numerology, so you’ll have to check it out for yourself in depth.

Do numbers have vibrations? Sure—I think everything has a vibration, because everything is energy.

But numbers are more of a concept, until you write that number down—then that written mark carries a vibration.

As in any other “tools,” I take it all with a grain of salt. I think numerology is interesting, along with astrology, mediumship, tarot cards, palm reading, pendulums, tea leaf reading, and anything else other than direct experience with your Higher Self/Energies/God.

Check it out—if it makes sense to you, and helps you, great. If you get to a point where you’re thinking, “Well, this doesn’t work for me anymore,” then congratulations - you’ve probably moved on to a deeper connection and don’t need those outside props so much anymore.

Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We think others know more (especially if they tell us they know more than we do), or are experts, or have been doing it longer than us.

We think there are ways to get the information we seek, and those ways are found in our outside world, if we just keep searching hard and long enough. So we look and we look and we talk to others, but we never are quite satisfied. There always seems to be something lacking in the information that we receive from other sources.

If that’s true, you might try stopping your search, sitting down with yourself, taking a few deep breaths (it’s always about deep breathing, isn’t it?), closing your eyes, and just hanging out with yourself.

I guarantee you that you’ll find all of your answers, and in a more direct way than trying to decipher the symbology of numbers or planet alignments or wet tea leaves or talking to those who’ve passed over or picking a card from a deck or watching a pendulum swing.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with any of that, if it resonates with you, but the direct approach is best—go straight to the Source and it will make more sense to you, and be much easier in the long run, because it’s directly you, not some outside person’s experience of what might be true for you.

Your initial question was about numerology, and I’ve elaborated far beyond that, but it all has to do with the same issue: do we look to things outside ourselves for our answers, or do we do the work of going within?

Sure, it’s fun to think about 08.08.08 and how cool the alignment of those numbers are. My best friend got married on that day partly for that reason—and that’s cool.

But make your own sense of things, and don’t necessarily rely on others to tell you what to think. Sense or non-sense? You decide.

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