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July Energy Report

By Micara Link
Contributing Writer

July’s energy reminds me a lot of June – it’s going to move very fast, surprises and opportunities are going to continue to pop up, energy surges come in large and intense amounts and a strong presence from the star beings show themselves in the form of dreams, UFO sightings and crop circles. The difference this month is that it feels more like a start and stop energy, whereas June was full-on, fast and intense. July’s intensity will come in bursts, which will give us some extra time to acclimate and get our bearings before the next surge.

The first couple weeks of this month have a lot of creative energy. This is a good time to take action, make decisions and commitments and set intentions. This is a great time to go out and make connections with new people, places and experiences. Dive into the creative energies of your heart. You will be meeting people who are meant to be a part of your new creations, you’ll be experiencing things that are going to be bringing you to another level and you’ll be traveling to places that will ignite memories from your soul.  Connection and creativity are paramount.

Tuning into mid-month, I am being shown that the surges of energy and all the changes that have occurred within the last six months are going to come to head and cause some people to feel very overwhelmed. Emotions you thought you long let go will resurface. You might be feeling extra sensitive, emotional and raw. This is a perfect time to be gentle, compassionate and loving with yourself. Listen to your needs during this time. If you need to shut off the phone, turn off the computer and take a respite from the world, do it. Nurture your sensitivities and allow your emotions to flow. This is a cleansing and purifying time. A lot of shifts have been occurring within and without each of us and it has been pretty intense. The gentleness you extend to yourself will help the necessary alignments and adjustments to take place, as well as help you recharge for the new opportunities that await you.

There’s a sense of worlds colliding this month. I’m seeing dimensions merging. I’m not totally sure what all of that means right now. I’m sure I will get more information as everything begins to unfold, but I do know it’s all good.

For those of you that are reading this right now and are feeling extra stuck and lost, I’m hearing for you that it’s time to start listening to your heart. July’s overall energy is very supportive for heart energy, and the guides I am working with are offering this guidance for you right now. For each and every one of of us, heart energy is where we will find every answer to every question we have, but some have a harder time connecting into that space than others. July is offering you a sacred space in which to rediscover that connection and then listen. Love energy is guiding you…what do you love to do? Who do you love to spend time with? How do you love to live? It’s the answers to these questions that will help you unlock the doorway to the heart.

The next six months are all about creating the foundation, root system and platform for what we wish to create as we move into 2012. July gives us a bit of a respite as we cleanse, create, connect and get clear on our heart’s intentions. The rest of the year looks a little more intense, so enjoy this time and remember to be gentle with yourself and listen to your needs.

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