Let It Grow, Let It Grow, Let It Grow

Q: I feel like I carry a small seed of psychic ability… faint premonitions and things of that nature. What can people like me do to further develop our abilities? How can we enhance this small seed?

A: Well, let me first say, “a small seed?” I think not. It’s a huge, towering tree of intuitive ability, from where I stand.

But what I think you’re saying is that you’re really just starting to become aware of your intuitive abilities, and they are quiet, and subtle perceptions that you’re not even sure are real sometimes.
So let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start).

I think that everyone has intuitive abilities - it’s hardwired into our system. How else could we avoid danger, know how to interact with others, make decisions, learn things?

I will tell you my definition of intuition, then it may make more sense. I think intuition is like the voice we hear when we’re on the phone. It’s connected to someone somewhere, and even though we can’t see the other person, or see where they’re calling from, we can still connect with them. If you’re a little more intuitive, well, then you get upgraded to a video phone! If you’re really good, voila - you get to hang with that other person in person (sort of).

So let’s start with the “voice on the other end of the phone line” thought. I’m seeing that you’re actually very tuned in, especially to other people.
You really like people, and connect instantly (or disconnect, as the case may be), and your initial reads of people are correct, so trust them.

All around, as you trust your intuition and the ‘hits’ you get, it will continue to grow, without much of any help from you. That’s just how it works; kind of like muscles—if you use them, they’ll grow and you’ll be strong.

Here are some things you might try to enhance and strengthen your intuition: go to a public place, relax, and just people watch. Start telling the story about the guy that just walked by. Is he happy, sad, sick, healthy? Does he like his work? Don’t think about it - just tell the story. Now tell the story about that woman. Is she married, does she have children, what kind of childhood did she have?

This is a fun exercise because there’s no way you can verify any of this information, so there’s no pressure to get it right.

That’s what holds back a lot of people: they may see that someone’s having a tough day, but when they ask about it, all they get is, “I’m fine,” so they think their intuition was wrong.

Don’t look for others to affirm you - they may be blocked, shut down, or have some reasons for not wanting you to ‘see’ something about them.

When I do my work, I don’t even think about if the other person thinks I’m right or not. The important thing is for me to get my information to the other person, and then it’s up to them to decide if it’s helpful and accurate or not.

So if you want to practice reading other people, initially pick kind, sensitive people who will be gentle and give you loving feedback, not somebody who’d be like, “Man, that was so stupid—how could you say that?”

When I was teaching intuition development, I’d always have people pair up, then take turns just talking about the other person (as I’ve just described). At first, the majority of the people would say they could never do it, then they’d be surprised to find themselves just doing it!

That’s another point—if you just let your expectations drop, and just go for it, you’ll be surprised at what you find out (and what you already know).

Another exercise you might want to try is pretty nifty: wait until you have a question that has at least two possible answers (and with you, I’m thinking that would be in about 24 seconds—you’re always asking questions), then close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and see two roads in front of you. Imagine that the road on the left walks you down the first scenario. Say you’re considering moving out of the area vs. staying here. The road on the left would then represent moving away.

Imagine everything about moving away. See yourself packing up, moving all your stuff, driving in your car, unpacking.

Now “look” at the road. What does it look like? Is the road wide, paved, are there flowers on the side, any trees? What is your feeling as you walk a little down this road?

Now take a deep breath and look at the road on your right. This road represents staying here. You’re in your same home/apartment, with your stuff in its usual place. How does that road look and feel as you take a few steps down it?

Based on the information you got, you should now have the information you need to make your own decision. Say the first road was wide, flat, well-maintained, and there was something golden down the road a bit.

The second road? It was gravel, and got narrower the further you walked, with weeds all around.

The energy was for the left road, or the moving one. Get it? Try it—it’s pretty cool how it can work if you just work with your brain and energies to give you the symbols you need for your life. It’s all about translation.

As always, I think the starting point for any intuitive work is to make sure you are 100% present in your life and in your body.

You have a lot of mental energy (ie. you’re smart) and you get your energy by figuring stuff out, but you aren’t always in your body: it slows you down and you get distracted by the outside world.

To get into your body, just take some time every day to stop, take deep breaths, and consciously feel yourself in your body. You could say, “Now I’m fully in my feet, now I’m fully in my legs,” and on until you’re done. Simple, yet very powerful.

I wouldn’t necessarily suggest you read a lot about it, or even go to a psychic unless they come highly recommended.

I’ve seen some pretty scary damage done by psychics who are either looking for a quick buck (telling you that for $2000 they can clear up all that nasty karma, but without them, you’re sunk), or who aren’t very clear or ethical (one woman told me a psychic told her that her husband was going to die soon—not a cool thing to say).

And I remember taking a quiz in a book to see if I was psychic. I failed miserably. If I’d taken that person’s word for it, I might’ve been totally discouraged.

There are no “tests” for psychic ability, even if you see them somewhere, or someone says they’ve devised a really good one (like guessing the figure on the card—that’s one kind of intuitive gift, but just one small aspect of the whole, like a violin is one instrument in the orchestra, but just one instrument, not the only one).

And I wouldn’t even necessarily take a class in intuition development unless the instructor has a good reputation, or unless they resonate with you. I’ve seen some pretty freaky classes offered that I wouldn’t touch with a 50 foot pole, even though the “teachers” have miles of credentials and testimonials—they just don’t resonate with who I am.

Trust your instincts, above all. Don’t let anyone have your power and tell you who you are or what’s the “right” thing for you to do. Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. Trust yourself.

One last exercise. You are a gifted writer (even if you don’t realize that yet), so try this: put your pen in your non-dominant hand (don’t start with a computer - there are two hands involved, so you can’t be totally non-dominant). Pretend you’re writing a letter to someone.

Start it with, “Hi, my name is…” then just start writing. Let your mind relax, and just write what you are feeling, no judgments or expectations. What does it feel like in your brain when you’re writing?

Well, for starters you’re accessing another part of your brain, so you’re going to get some unique thoughts coming to the forefront of your consciousness.

Focus on getting those thoughts onto the paper, concentrate on hearing them, and honoring them with your attention. You may be surprised at what you write.

I’ve done this exercise so many times with people, all the way from first graders up to adults, and people go the whole range from frustrated that they are writing so slowly, to amazed at what’s appeared on their paper.

So give it a try if it sounds like fun. It’s all part of exercising other parts of your brain that can access those higher frequencies that are intuition.

See if you can’t come up with some other fun things to try. I’ve got a million more, but only this limited space to write down a few.

Just keep going, and keep trusting yourself. And here’s a handout that I use whenever I teach intuition development. It can maybe help a little more.
Best wishes for continued growth. You’re well on your way!

Guidelines for Becoming Optimally Intuitive

Breathe: inspiration means to breathe in spirit. With every breath we’re affirming our decision to be alive. Try to breathe at least once a day, become conscious of your breath. Most of us shallow breathe.

Coffee? No no bad bad. Caffeine creates an artificial energy in the body that works counter to our body’s natural energy flow and creates problems.

Hydrate: drink lots of water. When we’re moving energies through our body, whatever is discarded is carried away by water (and air through breath).

Keep it real: Nothing artificial! Our body is made of earth. The earth is made up of natural ingredients. Our natural ingredients resonate best with other natural ingredients in food. I’ve seen an hierarchy in the food chain, and it is this: first, foods that come directly from the earth, then fish, then chicken, then pork, then red meat.

Chill out: In the in-between spaces of our days comes the quiet voice of Spirit - can you hear it?

Monitor your thoughts: Garbage in, garbage out. Thoughts are energy, energy manifests in the physical world—we create our reality through our thoughts. What do you intend for your life?

Shake it, baby: There are three people in your life experience: your body, your mind, and your spirit. All three are equally valued and loved. Do you value and love all three equally? Usually, spirit and mind get top billing, and body gets to do the work. What does your body want to do? Move, that’s what it’s here to do.

Ahhhh: Listen to soothing music—music tames the savage beast. Enough said.

My Rules for Developing Intuition

1. Trust your knowing. Don’t seek to verify unless you trust the person. Trusting makes your intuition grow stronger

2. Show gratitude. When you realize you’ve received information, say thank you. You becoming conscious makes your intuition grow stronger

3. Believe you can do it. Confidence strengthens the flow.

4. Practice discernment. Always run the information you receive through your internal core (does this “feel” true to me?)

5. Practice practice practice.

My Personal Rule

Don’t censor, edit or judge. If we are receiving information, it is coming from God, our Higher Self, our guides and other guides. It is pure information, based on love and the highest ideals. When our “lower” self (that part of us that’s conscious) gets in the way, the message gets muddled and confused. Pretend you’re a reporter. Receive and record the information as if you were neutral. Release the subjective, embrace the objective. When we continue to practice neutrality and clarity, we become stronger and stronger conduits for this beautiful information.



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