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Long Tall Sally and Uncle John

By Susie Ekberg
Staff Writer

In my ongoing mini-series on ultra-cool, alternative things to do in the area this summer, I’m focusing this week on relationships, more on the body part of the whole Body/Mind/Spirit trio. I remember watching one “Sex and the City” episode in which the girls find themselves at a speed dating event. The room was filled to the brim with men and women, chairs and tables, a lot of confusion, and a timer, if I’m remembering correctly. Hardly romantic, hardly conducive to getting to know someone. I thought to myself, “there’s just GOT to be something better than this for single people!”

And I’m happy to tell you, this summer there IS!

Mariah Prussia is the owner of Xtreme Measures Women’s Health and Fitness here in Fargo, as well as a professional trainer… and a single woman. Through her conservations with the women who use her gym, Prussia was struck by the amount of single women who have nowhere to go to meet single men, other than bars. “I know so many people. Why don’t we have speed dating here? We’ve got the women, we’ve got the safe environment. Why don’t we bring the men to us?” Smart woman.

So on Monday, July 12, Prussia is doing just that - offering XTreme Dating in her gym at XTreme Measures.

How did speed dating ever get started? I was fascinated to read that a Los Angeles Rabbi Yaacov Deyo invented speed dating in 1998 as a way for marriage-focused young Jewish singles to meet. The concept caught on fast as a great way for busy singles to meet each other without the usual hassles of blind dates or dating services. One website states that more than a quarter of New York bars now host a speed dating night at least once a week! Well, Fargo isn’t quite there yet, but Prussia’s event is a great start.

I asked Prussia what she hopes to accomplish by bringing a small group of men and women together, and she said, “Am I looking to make matches made in heaven? Not necessarily. What we’re looking for is to make friendships. I think we stress relationships so much that we forget that a key component of a good relationship is communication, which is built first through friendship. We’re a society that expects a quick fix so we want quick results. But usually a relationship that starts quickly ends just as quickly.”

Nervous about going? Have some questions? See if we can’t answer some of them for you. Mariah’s advice: dress business casual, be yourself, be relaxed, come with a sense of humor, have fun. Come with an open mind.

How does it all work? Hors d’ouevres and mingling start the evening, followed by one-on-one interactions. If both people are interested in each other, their contact information is released to them by XTreme Measures, and the individuals have the opportunity to get together again. The age group for this event is 28-45.

As always, I like mixing it up a bit, so not only would I like to do a brief reading on Mariah herself, I’m going to focus on the energy of the event itself and see what I can see.

The first thing I see when I look at Mariah is a very hardworking, creative person. She is always looking for the next fun thing for people, and is very conscientious about helping them. She gets bored with the same old routines, and likes to think of new, fresh ways of having fun and making life an adventure. The beautiful sky blue all around her tells me she has a strong spiritual side, but is also very very grounded, and needs to translate all of her spiritual energy into this physical world or it just wouldn’t make sense to her. She is practical, and hates wishy washiness, but also has a spontaneous side that could just as well pick up and leave on a European tour if given the chance.

Let’s look at the event itself. I’m not kidding you - I see pink all around the whole building when I focus on the event, and of course you’d think pink denotes love, but in this case it also represents a certain gentleness and kindness, even. I see a lot of smiles and laughter, and a great blend of green and blue swirling up everywhere, which speaks of optimism and healing and growth. The facility itself has a high frequency, which attracts other good energy. There’s white everywhere, which speaks of clarity and purity and even purpose.

Purpose is what drives us, what fulfills us. Purpose is our destiny, our calling, and the color is a deep blue, which is also what I’m seeing around the event. So even though Mariah says it’s not necessarily about finding your soul mate, from what I’m seeing there is definitely that possibility! At the very least it’s about comfort and fun, connecting and living life with purpose. And it certainly looks like a party to me, because as Prussia puts it, “Life’s a party, so live it up!”

Xtreme Dating costs $20. Pre-registration is required by Monday, July 5. Download the registration form online at, print and mail or fax in, or call in. Event limited to 10 men and 10 women between the ages of 28 and 45.

Questions and comments: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If You Go:

What: Xtreme Dating
Where: 1612 Tom Williams Dr
When: Mon, July 12, 8pm
Info: 701.293.0002



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