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Looking Ahead

By Micara Link
Staff Writer

The past few months have been intense. Our foundations have shaken up and broken down. Unexpected changes and unforeseeable shifts surprised us all. Fear, uncertainty, and feelings of being scattered were common and prevailing.

November brought in the energy of creation and opened us all up to the doorways of our dreams. It was time to create and manifest our heart and soul’s desires.

In the month of December, these doorways are still wide open, wanting and awaiting your intentions. The time for recreation remains present in December, but this month we are to create from our hearts. Healing and heart manifestations are the focus this month. Catalysts for the capacity to increase love, connection, unity, and healing will be presenting themselves throughout December.

As I look ahead into 2011, I am shown a new space. I’m not sure how else to describe it other than it’s like there is a whole new energy frequency that will create new spaces in which we will exist.

The image I am being shown now is an energetic platform or plateau. It’s a place where we can rest, heal, and pick up the pieces. On this platform we regain our sense of stability and security before we are launched into the new spaces of 2011.

Relax into this space and allow your heart to lead you. Before we move into 2011, healing and living from our heart rather than our mind is encouraged to best guide this process.

As I begin to write about this month’s energy, I am feeling a stream of information coming into my consciousness that is to be shared with you. Here is what I’m being told:

“Child of the Universe, you’ve come so far. We congratulate you on your efforts and thank you for your patience. We know life on Earth has not been easy. We know times are intense.  We wish to guide you in your highest direction, to your highest good, it is through the path of the heart that will lead you there.

“The last few weeks of November brought in new energies that shifted our energetic and physical bodies to be able to hold more love. You may have experienced short periods of dizziness, tension in your heart chakra, headaches, and feelings of being scattered. You were aligning to a higher frequency. These symptoms should have been experienced temporarily. If you experienced these symptoms for a duration of time that felt uncomfortable to you, we urge you to look at what you are resisting. When these new energies come, acceptance and allowing will help you move easily through the changes.

“These changes are for the best.  It is only what is in your highest good that will manifest itself into your experience.  We are supporting you, guiding you, and loving you through this process.  We are with you as you enter into the space of the heart.”

I guide you now in a brief healing heart meditation to help ease you into this process. Begin by gently closing your eyes and taking deep, full breaths. Allow any tension to be released. You are safe, secure, and loved. Give your mind permission to relax and slow down. Feel your breath slowly moving in and out. Feel how good it feels to be relaxed and in the moment. 

Now place your attention on your heart chakra in the center of your chest.  Notice how it feels. What initial impressions do you get from your heart? If you sense any fear, tension, or anything else that’s not desirable, ask your heart what you need to know about these feelings. What are these feelings trying to tell you? Know that you can attend to these feelings and release them now. You no longer need to hold onto them. As you release the unpleasant feelings, imagine healing light entering your heart.

You are safe and surrounded by love. At this time, ask your heart if it has any other messages for you. If your ego begins to interfere, ask it to step aside for a few moments, and then refocus on your heart. Feel your answers. Your truest and best guidance will come through the feelings of your heart.

You might want to ask your heart some questions similar to these: What guidance does your heart have for you at this time?  What are you avoiding? How can you love yourself even more? Who do you need to forgive? What pain and resentment can you let go of now?  How can you show others you love them? What path does your heart want you to take? What messages does your body have for you? How can you approach your life with more love and acceptance in your heart? What can you do daily to allow love to lead the way?

Throughout this month, as you move more fully into your heart space, you might notice others taking different paths than you or paths you didn’t expect them to take. This is the beginning of each of us moving into our new space. Each person will be moving into the space that is best for them. New beginnings and many new life paths will be unraveling for people.  Use this time to witness the Universe at work. Do not judge their new path or resist yours, simply watch the unfolding happen knowing we are all being guided to exactly where we need to be.

As we take the time to live from our hearts this month, stronger feelings of unity, compassion, connection, love, and peace will naturally arise. This is what we need and where we are headed as we prepare for the shift into our new spaces.

Be gentle with yourself during this time and continue to be in the present moment.  I see that the planet is being sent beautiful pink, nurturing energy this month to help us in our transitions and healing from the heart. Surrender to this process. It is necessary for your personal growth as well as the planet’s healing.

I leave with you with this closing message: “Have faith in your heart and in the power of your light. No action, word, or thought is left unattended to. You are changing the world. You are making a difference. You are love. It is from this love that life is created. It is from this space that we unite. Continue listening to the voice in your heart. It is that voice that is connected to God, the Universe, the Creator of all things. Big plans, beautiful blessings, and soul-stirring adventures await you. In all ways, the best is yet to come.”

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