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Looking Forward

By Susie Ekberg
Staff Writer

Years ago somebody asked me when I thought things would get easier for the world. Looking at all of the shifts that had already happened, naively I said each time one shift ended that it would get easier.

But that never happened. On some level “things” always got more difficult, not easier. Why?

Because as we keep growing and expanding we are also gaining new strategies of coping and living, so more is given to us so we can move toward our mastery.
2010 was full of excitement and growth, of new beginnings and abrupt endings. So I wonder as we walk toward 2011, will it get any easier? What’s going to happen? And can we do anything about any of it?

Predicting the future is almost impossible, as at any step along the way there are an infinite amount of futures to choose. One thing is certain, though – we will keep moving forward, and we will keep getting the opportunities for reworking old habits, patterns, viewpoints and beliefs. We have a choice every minute of our lives.

Nobody can predict the future with 100% accuracy, but if I could peer into a crystal ball and magically write our futures, this is what I would hope for all of us:

I hope for Trust in ourselves to be able to weather all of our storms. There are many of us who are feeling isolated, cut off, alone, and that can be very scary if we don’t feel we have any support. But you do have support, even if you can’t feel it from other people. You can rely on yourself. You are stronger, smarter, more powerful, and more capable than you can ever imagine. When did you stop believing in yourself, and trust others more than you trusted yourself? It’s time to take back the reins of your life.

I hope for Faith in the unseen as we keep traveling further out into the unknown; understanding that we have everything we need, right inside of us, to overcome all adversities, difficulties, and crises.

“Faith is the evidence of things unseen.” We’ve heard that in church. We have faith our heart will keep working, we have faith the sun will rise every day, we have faith the world will keep spinning. Why shouldn’t we have faith that we will be able to make it through these tumultuous times, as well? Isn’t believing better than not believing? Not believing feels very desolate to me.

What do you have Faith in? That’s a good question to ponder for 2011.

I hope for stamina to continue on our Path. It takes a spiritual warrior to keep coming back to your Work day after day, looking at what works and doesn’t.

It takes courage to look at your behaviors and ask yourself, “Is this how I want to be in this situation?” If your answer is no, it takes energy to come up with a different course of action. If something isn’t working in your life, it drains your energy, and is telling you something needs to shift.

Keep doing everything in your old, automatic way, and see how that works for you. I’m thinking it isn’t working very well at all.

Are there people you have conflicts with? Can you think of new ways of coming to them? Do you love your work? Can you shift your attitude and stay? Or do you need to bid it a fond farewell and strike out for new adventures?

All of this takes stamina, and isn’t going to happen on its own. You have to want to work with this energy of change; resisting is futile. You won’t win.

It’s like standing in front of the ocean, holding up your hands and trying to stop the waves from rolling in. They are going to crash, and you can’t stop them. But you can ride them. Spirit is urging us forward into our total Selves – empowered, actualized, compassionate, awake, aware, and loving. That is the final goal. How are you moving toward that?

So there’s my crystal ball hopes for everyone, but I’d like to finish up with a special message to all of you during these holiday times. May your growth be gentle, may you feel love, and may your journey be filled with awe.
Dear Ones: We wish to celebrate with you during these symbolic times. The holidays, or holy days, were chosen because of their importance for humans. They are a culmination of several holidays that revolved around these many days toward the end of the old year and beginning of the new. They are a time of reflection, of introspection, of celebration and anticipation. Take some time to just sit with yourself, the greatest gift of all. Think of what you are grateful for in your life, and in yourself. Give yourself a present, to your most beloved. Hug everyone that you see. Smile.

You are alive! That’s the greatest gift of all. You are strong. You are courageous and brave. You can do whatever you need to do, because you know what lies at the end of all of it – complete Love. Haven’t you longed for that? Haven’t you searched for that your whole life? Well, look no further, because these holy days you are receiving your heart’s desire. Total, unconditional love in the form of self-acceptance, compassion and sympathy for the rest of humanity. See yourself in everybody else, for you are all different Faces of the One.

Try something new. Be bold. Take chances. Say something. Say nothing. But just know that no matter what happens, you always have it within you to create your world new every minute of your day. What will you choose to create? How will you choose to see your world? It’s up to you! Just know that you are loved beyond measure, and infinitely precious. A gift to the world. And so it is. Happy Holy Days to all.

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