Lose 40 Pounds in Four Months: A Diet that Works

If I start today I’ll have my after pictures in July!

The basic idea, as Big Keith Williams says, is mental more than physical. Anybody can do it, whatever their age or financial condition. The only requirement is determination.

The right diet will save you money. You’ll be cooking more and eating out less. A gradual change of life style is more difficult, but necessary. No one can go from fast food junkie to lean green machine in a day.

Grab a gym membership. Even if you get free gym from your school or college, pay for a new one. That’s what I did when I started. “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be” (Matt 6:21) It gives you the extra motivation needed to start working out.

If you are absolutely against spending that extra money for a gym grab a cool outfit, something that will make you want to wear it just so that you can work out wearing it.

If money is not available, don’t worry. You can start out in your kitchen.

Take a look at all the food that’s not really helping you. If you can’t eat one cookie and stop yourself, get rid of the cookie jar. But if you have the will power to eat one and save one for tomorrow, go ahead and keep those cookies. Same goes with all other comfort foods.

Write down in a book your present weight, your present habits, good and bad, and the friends and relatives that will take you towards or away from your goals. The journal is very important for a noticeable change in any area of life. I personally keep one, and when I don’t, I find myself lost.

This is even more important for people like me who spend lots of time or some time on a regular basis in the gym. Starting from scratch is easier than having a set mental attitude that does not work. That’s why you make a journal and treat the process of bodybuilding like a computer programmer, who finds an error in his program by looking at the code line by line. The journal will tell you what you did for the last week or month or year and how well it worked.

Then get in the habit of drinking a lot of water. Half your body weight in ounces is the best measure but for now let’s just say a lot!

Then cut down on food portions but do not worry, just eat your regular food. Unless you eat too much keep the calories the same. Or unless most or all your calories come from sugar, beer or pop. Just split the size of a meal and make it into two. Or start doing sandwiches.

Add a little walking, stair climbing or running to your everyday life. Make it simple, 15 to 20 minutes, four to five times, this week. If that is too hard just do 30 sit-ups and 25 push-ups five times this first week.

So there we go: you’ve got the journal to monitor the mental, the diet to control the calories, and the exercise to grow the muscles.

Let’s not go all out this week. Just start with a little step. I will come back next week and add a little to all three of these aspects, which are the basic components of a healthy life style and a toned body. Read my next article to take the next step.

After all, every journey starts with the first single step.

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