Lucid and Prophetic Dreams

By Micara Link
Staff Writer

Q: I have a question about dreams. Sometimes, I have dreams about certain events and people that come true.  I can also make things up while I’m dreaming and change the dream if I don’t like it.  What does all of this mean?

A: I absolutely love talking about the dream realm. I’m so happy you asked this question because I’m sure there are many other people who are experiencing the same types of dreams that you are.

A dream that comes true or holds information from an event that has not happened yet is a prophetic or precognitive dream. Basically, you are picking up psychic information when you sleep.

When we are asleep, our critical, thinking mind relaxes and our subconscious, creative mind opens. As the critical mind slows down we are more able to access information from other realms and realities.

There is an interweaving web of energy that holds all information from the past, present, and future. This energy can be accessed to receive information on topics, such as past lives, current situations, spiritual beings, and future events.
When we are sleeping, the veil that separates our 3-D physical reality with the spiritual realm thins, making it easier for us to access psychic information. Since our minds are open and relaxed, our ego is not able to step in and run the show. We are able to be a clear channel for divine information and knowledge.
It’s really a blessing to be conscious of your prophetic dreams. The more you trust in yourself and your nighttime messages, the more synchronistic and magical things will begin to occur.

Don’t be surprised that the more prophetic dreams you have, the more psychic information you receive while you are awake.

Your 6th chakra also known as your third eye, located in the center of your forehead above your eyebrows, is the energy center associated with vision, specifically psychic vision known as clairvoyance. As your 6th chakra becomes even more activated in your dream state, it will be more open and receptive during your waking state, gifting you the benefits of receiving psychic visions while you’re conscious and aware. So pay attention to any colors, symbols, or images that you receive. This may be the beginning to opening your psychic gateway!

The second part of your question, regarding your ability to change your dream and make things up as you go, is called lucid dreaming.  Lucid dreaming is when you are aware that you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming. You are fully conscious that you are currently having a dream. This awareness allows you the freedom to manipulate, create, expand, and direct your dreams however you wish.

Lucid dreaming typically feels very real and is as vivid as reality.  It is in this state of dreaming that you are able to create reality into dreams and dreams into reality.  It seems to almost meld the two worlds into one, teaching us that we truly are the creators of our reality.

Lucid dreaming is actually a very spiritual process. It can be seen as a step in your own personal spiritual evolution because it opens the doorway for you to see even more clearly who you really are and what your destiny is.  Lucid dreaming has enormous value. It expands you, helps you feel more in control of your personal destiny, and increases your imagination and intuition.

Tibetan Buddhists believe that dreaming is a way to connect more deeply with your soul. Dreaming opens us to explore realities that aren’t as easy to access while we are awake. There are so many ways that dreams can enhance and improve our lives; the list is endless.

For those of you who have not had experiences like this, there are ways to amp up your dream experiences.  First, start remembering your dreams. People often claim they don’t dream because they can’t remember any of them. I’m here to tell you that everyone dreams whether or not they remember them. Actually, most people have at least 3-4 dreams a night. 

To start remembering more of your dreams, simply affirm to yourself that you will remember.  Get a notebook or journal along with a pen and set them next to your bed. Before you go to sleep, repeat in your head or out loud, “I will remember my dreams.” Expect yourself to remember. Continue to do this a few nights in a row and eventually you will begin to remember what you dreamt. 

Immediately when you awake, begin to write down what you remember, any impressions, feelings, images, sensations, anything, write it down. Dream memory tends to vanish fast, usually within 10-15 minutes so immediate documentation ensures the most recall.

Once you’ve gotten ahold of remembering your dreams, you can really begin to have some fun!  The next adventure is to incubate or program your dreams.  This is when you actually control what types of dreams you have each night instead of them being random.  You can dream whatever you want! 

To program a dream all you have to do is affirm to yourself the type of dream that you want. Similar to learning how to remember you dream, you simply say to yourself, “Tonight I will receive answers in my dream about my relationship”, or “Tonight I will meet my spirit guide in my dream.”  Program whatever type of dream you want. 

Try not to get discouraged if these dreams don’t come right away.  It might take time.  Your mind is creating new dreamtime pathways and it might take a few nights to get the pathway cleared. Most of all, have fun, get creative, and enjoy your journey into your dreams!

Sweet dreams, everyone!

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