PsyChick 5-5-11

May Energy Report

By Micara Link
Staff Writer

Spring is here! The birds singing, sun shining, and flowers blooming exemplifies perfectly the energy of May.

To begin, I want to share a piece of my personal journal with you. I reread it the other night and felt it fit perfectly with the energies and shifts going on at this time. It reads, “I am becoming. Becoming what I’ve always been but just never quite knew. Of course, I’ve always been me, but I realize now that I often looked outside of myself to try and piece something together that fit, but I never found it. I am becoming. I now look inside. I am peeling away the years of who I thought I was and discovering who I’ve always been beneath those false layers of identity. It’s not always easy. The old me, characteristics I’ve adopted, personalities I’ve played, and the fear of unacceptance and unlove keep me back at times, but I keep going. Becoming is not only a rediscovery, but a journey, a transition, a rebirth into your true self. Becoming is less about adding, adopting, and taking on more, but about letting go, releasing, and feeling the essence beneath it all.”

This month the overall energy is guiding us all to step more fully into our light. It is a time to release, cleanse, and surrender the pieces of yourself that are not truly who you are. The mask can come off now, the curtains can drop, you no longer need to play the part you chose so long ago. It’s not working any more, it’s no longer serving you well. The show is over.

Spirit is guiding you to reconnect more deeply with your authentic self, your soul, your light. You are being guided to become more of your true self every day, if you allow it. In the days ahead, be aware of yourself. Are the actions you take and words you speak truth? Are you honoring yourself and your needs? Do you trust yourself and your intuition? Do you honor your feelings and body’s needs?

Notice the parts of your life that feel false and allow them to leave. Focus on enhancing your light, your inherent love, and your passion for purpose. You are here to shine! You are meant to share your gifts with the world. No more excuses any longer. Your time is now.

A wonderful, consistent source of light is the giant, golden sun that is placed so perfectly in our galaxy. In the days and weeks ahead, dedicate some time each day to connect with the energy of the sun. Go outside and feel its warmth on your skin. Appreciate its radiance and how it lights up the whole sky. Notice that as the sun shines it nourishes the Earth, it helps the plants grow, and it makes people happy. Everyone loves the sun! Just like when you shine your light, you bring light into other peoples’ lives, you lift people up, and you make this Earth a better, brighter place. The sun is your guide this month. Connect with its wisdom and energy and you will experience a more effortless flow into enhancing your own inner light.

On a more mental note, this is a great time to focus on your values. You don’t know what your values are? Take some to figure out your top three most important values in life. Some examples of values are: freedom, love, spirituality, health, organization, peace, joy, creativity, security, passion, intelligence, beauty, courage, integrity, and so on. Once you figure out your top three values, dedicate your decisions, time, and energy to them. Often times when we are feeling “off” or stressed out it is because we are not honoring our values. Our values are important and they help keep you in alignment with your soul. When you keep your values in check and live your life according to them, deep satisfaction and fulfillment expands within you. For example, if you value peace as one of your top three, make sure that you are setting aside time each day to be in the feeling of peace. Maybe you take a daily walk in the park, a bubble bath, or listen to soothing music; whatever activity enhances peace in your life is perfect. When you encounter barriers or confrontations in your life, focus your decisions and actions on what will bring you the most peace. As you do this, you will notice that the things that are not in alignment with your values will eventually fade away and no longer affect you.

These two simple exercises, connecting with the sun and committing yourself to your values, are going to help you become more of who you really are. Your natural light will shine and you will feel deep inner satisfaction. You are on your way to becoming, becoming what you’ve always been but never quite knew. This is a journey, a transition, a rebirthing period. Be gentle with yourself and others. 

[Psychick Note: I want to say a big, “Thank you!” to all those who came out to the Fargo Health and Holistic Expo April 16th and 17th. It was a fabulous weekend! Also, thank you to all those who came up to me with a hug, handshake, or words of appreciation for my column. I am deeply grateful for your support and readership.]

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