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Meow? Wow, You Don’t Say!

Q: This is a really strange question, but I can swear I hear my cat talking to me. Should I call the men in white coats?

A: Don’t call the white coats yet. Let’s talk.
Let me ask you a question. If you’re talking to someone and all of a sudden their eyebrows furrow together, they frown, cock their head sideways and lean forward, do you know what’s going on? They probably don’t understand what you’ve just said. They haven’t said a word, yet you still understood what they were “saying.”

I’ve heard it said that the vast majority of our communications with each other is non-verbal. The rest? Body language, feelings we get when we’re interacting (excited, upset, anxious, happy), and subconscious clues.

That’s why it’s really hard to tell the tone of a letter or e-mail from someone. Are they serious or joking? Chances are, if you could see them face to face you could fill in those missing blanks and tell for sure.

Why would we automatically discount the thought that we can communicate with animals? Don’t you think they communicate with each other?

I’ll tell you a secret. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been able to talk with animals (Great—now I’m humming the Dr. Doolittle song “if I could talk to the animals, just imagine it…”). Nobody told me I couldn’t do it, so I just assumed everybody could. I knew when Fritzy didn’t like his dog food, when Kitty was sick, and even felt it when my gerbil got hurt.

On a very elementary level, your dog comes up to you, starts running around, jumping up and down. You know he’s not wanting to take a nap, right? Let the poor fellow out, already. You see? Even if you don’t “hear” the animals, you’re still always communicating with them.

Now I’ll jump it up a level. Let’s assume that the Universe is like billions of radio stations, broadcasting on billions of different frequencies, and you are a radio. We’re usually only aware of and able to “tune in” to a few stations.

You can hear your own thoughts, right? If you think about it, you can hear the voice of your mom in there also (“eat your vegetables, brush your teeth”). How about listening to a song, solving a math problem? In each of these instances you’re using a different part of your brain, tuning into a different frequency (energy).

Now imagine that your “radio” gets upgraded to 100 channels instead of three or four. You’re fiddling with the dial one night, and holy buckets! You hear some music you’ve never heard before! Cool, but …. a little nerve-racking. What is this music, is it real, how did I tune into it?

Don’t worry about it. My first suggestion is to just listen to it.

People ask me if what they hear is from a good place or a bad place. My simple answer is this: how do you feel when you’re listening to it? It’s natural to be a little nervous, but you should never be scared. It could be more of a feeling of “oh yeah - now I remember, some feeling of remembering something you didn’t realize you’d forgotten (if that makes sense).

If you worry about that kind of stuff, just affirm that you are only interested in things that are for your Highest Good, and of the light. I keep it uppermost in my mind at all times that everything that happens in my life is about love. Then I think we’ve got it all covered.

My second suggestion to you is to ask yourself if what you’re hearing your cat say to you actually makes sense. If you hear him tell you he wants a large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese, you may want to rethink the whole “I can talk to animals” thing.

But if you hear him say he doesn’t like going outside because of that big mean orange cat down the street (that you didn’t know was there until this minute, and when you checked it out found out there is a big orange cat that lives down the street) well then, now you know you’re on to something.

I personally don’t think intuition, psychic abilities, mediumship, channeling, animal communication, or anything beyond what we define as “normal” is any big deal. We’re all intuitive, and capable of picking up those extra channels on our “radios.”

It’s just a question of believing in yourself, trusting yourself, then playing around with it a little bit.

Try talking back to your cat in your head. See if you can start up a little convo. Have some fun. Maybe in the end you’ll discover a great new friend (or two or three). Good luck, Dr. D.





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