Not Your Next Miss Cleo

By Micara Link
Staff Writer

Q:  Are you a real psychic?
Yes. I am a real psychic. Thank you for asking this because I’m sure many people want to ask me that same question and don’t. Believe me, I totally understand and relate to your skepticism. I am still skeptical when it comes to psychics and paranormal stories.

I never simply believe anything and everything someone tells me, I always check it with my intuition to see how it feels to me.  I urge you to do the same.  We all have intuition and some psychic ability.  It’s not just for the gifted, each and every one of us is able to tap into our inner knowing and receive answers.

I was introduced to my psychic ability by pure chance.  I have always known things without having been specifically told, but I never quite understood how I knew them.  I just figured I was exceptionally good at reading people. 

It wasn’t until I was actually shown how psychic I was through a series of psychic exercises and tests that I began to believe it … and even then I questioned, doubted, questioned some more, and continued to doubt until one day I had to own up to who I really am.  I had to accept my abilities for what they were and trust in myself, my spirit, and the Universe that is, and always was, guiding me in the perfect direction.

When you hear the word psychic, what do you think of?  Crystal balls? Tarot Cards?  Some freaky person looking into your mind?  Well, I’m here to tell you that most of us psychics, including me, don’t use such things as crystals balls and we really aren’t all that freaky.  We really are normal, everyday people who happen to have better than average extrasensory perception.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with someone who does use crystal balls or tarot cards, they are great divination tools that can help assist you in tuning into your intuitive abilities and gain insight, but being psychic has nothing to do with the use of them.

When I read someone or a situation, what I do is tune into the energy flow. I can sense, see, and feel the energy pathways of a person’s current energetic state. When I tune in, I am able to pick up information on possible best choices, possible barriers, how to strengthen and pull opportunities to them, and so on through the information I pick up from their spirit and spirit guides. 

I do not, however, know what is going to happen to you on December 14, 2014. There are way too many variables and possible shifts of your energy pathways that will happen between now and then. I do not know many psychics who can see that, and if they can, kudos to them! That’s pretty awesome and pretty difficult.

Every psychic is different. We each have our own set of abilities and tune into different energy frequencies, kind of like different radio channels. You turn on the radio and you will hear a specific channel, but when you change the channel, you hear something new.  Each channel delivers slightly different information depending on what it’s set at, that’s kind of how we work. 

A psychic is someone who is able to perceive information outside of using their more commonly reinforced five senses; they utilize their sixth sense.  Our sixth sense aka “extra-sensory perception” is made up of a few types of psychic abilities.  The main ones are: clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. 

Clairvoyance means “clear vision” and this is the ability to receive psychic visions. These visions can either be seen physically with your eyes or mentally with your third eye. 

Clairaudience means “clear hearing” and is the ability to psychically hear sounds or spirit talking to you.  Often, people who have clairaudience experience it like thoughts popping into their head.

Clairsentience means “clear feeling” and is the ability to sense psychic information through feeling the energy vibration in the world around them. This is someone who can feel spirit, feel auras, feel another person’s thoughts and energy vibration, and so on.  It is through the feeling receptor that they are able to pick up information otherwise unknown through the first five senses. 

There are more psychic abilities, such as psychic taste, psychic smell, telepathy, channeling, we could go on and on, but those first three I mentioned are the most common.

Each person, and I mean everyone, has some psychic ability.  We each have one main “clair” that is usually accompanied by a secondary clair.  So, you might have a strong clairvoyance ability accompanied with clairaudience.

You know that “hunch” you feel?  Or how about when you spontaneously begin to think about your friend and they happen to call you right then?  Or when you sense that something just doesn’t feel right?  These are all examples of psychic experiences, but so many of us are too quick to chalk them up to coincidence that we don’t see their significance. 

It’s these types of “coincidences” of inner knowings that show us our personal psychic ability.  The more you pay attention to these hunches, the stronger your intuition will become.

Ok, so you are still skeptical. Good!  Be skeptical. I encourage it, because without being skeptical you will never discover your own truth.  It is through skepticism that you search out and discover what works for you and what doesn’t. 

You don’t have to believe a word that I say. I am not trying to make you believe in anything I write about, but I can tell you that through my constant and often relentless skepticism about the spiritual and psychic world, I have been shown time after time that it exists. 

It may not exist for you …yet, but when and if you ever do experience anything related to this and don’t know where to turn, e-mail me, I’m pretty sure I can relate and offer some guidance as to what to do next.

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