November Energy Report

By Micara Link
Staff Writer

The giant wave of energy that created some chaos, discomfort, and transformations for the last couple of months has now washed ashore. The energy surge has settled. It has calmed and what a relief that is! 

November brings us into a time of creation and manifestation. The old foundations are gone and it’s now time to rebuild.

You may have noticed and will continue to notice in your life many disconnections, almost like you’re breaking up from your past. The relationships and commitments that you once had are no longer serving you.

Maybe you are no longer working or wanting to work at your current job, or the friends you once had no longer seem to fit who you are becoming, and the close relationships that you’ve had with romantic partners and family members seemed to have shifted too.

That’s exactly what was meant to happen. It’s all good. The shift brought us into a space of transformation. It was time to filter out the baggage in our life so we can move ahead freely and fully.

This month it is time for you to dream, imagine, and create! What do you want? 

Really, what do you want? If you were to imagine the perfect life, what would that look like? What characteristics would your perfect partner possess? What is your dream job?  What types of things would you like to do in your spare time? Where do you live and what does your home look like? How is your health and physique?

How much money do you want in your bank account? What types of people do you want to surround yourself with?  How do you want to FEEL in your life?

These are just a few questions to get you thinking, to jumpstart your dreaming and manifesting. November is about tuning into your inner artist and imagination.  As Henry David Thoreau beautifully wrote, “The world is but canvas to our imaginations.” Become an active and intentional artist in your masterpiece of life!
Why should you imagine, dream, and actively think about what it is that you want?  Because each and every thought that we have contains energy. Energy is everything and quantum physics has now proven that our thoughts and emotions create our reality.

This whole concept is based on the universal Law of Attraction which basically states that like attracts like. When our thoughts are positive we create positive experiences and feelings in our life.

One of my favorite phrases that I use to remind myself of the power of my thoughts is from Mike Dooley: “Thoughts become things.” 

This quote reminds me to ask myself, “Are the thoughts I have, things that I want?” If not, I immediately change my thought process. It’s important to focus on what you do want and not what you don’t want.

The Law of Attraction does not know the difference between what you want and don’t want; it only knows the energy that you are sending. So if you’re focused on the negative things you don’t want to happen, the energy that you are emanating is negative and the Law of attraction will bring to you those things that are an energetic match to what you’re thinking. To learn more about this topic, research The Law of Attraction and quantum physics.

This next month, don’t be afraid to let go of what’s not working for you anymore.  Imagine freeing yourself from whatever is holding you back and stepping forward into your new creation. 

Set aside some time, preferably in the first week of November, and invite your inner artist out to play. If you notice yourself saying, “I want this and this and this, BUT there’s no way it will happen,” let that go!  Do not censor your dreams!  Don’t worry about how any of it will come true, just focus on what you want to create and the feelings that it gives you. Give the “how” up to the Universe to figure out.
You don’t need to worry about it.

Now that you have figured out what it is that you want, it’s time to focus, by implementing a manifesting technique that works for you.  Here are some suggestions:

Daydream: Spend some time each day fantasizing and daydreaming. See yourself in the life of your dreams. Feel all of the positive emotions that rise up as you begin to see yourself living your dream life. Watch your life play out in your mind. Who’s with you? How do you feel? What types of things are going on? What opportunities have presented themselves to you? Create a movie in your mind and watch with awe, anticipation, and excitement!

Make a Vision Board: Grab some tag board, old magazines, scissors, and some glue. Next, page through magazines and cut out words, pictures, colors, and any images that inspire you to reflect back on what you want to manifest. Once you’ve cut out enough images that capture the feelings and visual affirmations of what you desire, paste them onto your tag board, kind of like you’re making a collage. Once you’re done creating your vision board, place it somewhere in your home where you will see it often.

Create an action plan: You know what you want, now create a plan to get you there. It doesn’t have to be step by step. Your plan can be a guideline on how to open the doors in your life so you can more easily attract what you desire. For example, you’d like to have more friends in your life. An action plan could be: 1) Join a new class or social group. 2) Invite someone out for coffee at least once a week. 3) Follow up with new people you meet by email or phone call. Before you know it, your friend list has grown and your social life has blossomed!

Prayer: Prayer works, it’s simple, and you can do it at any time. Many people forget to personally ask for help and guidance. We each have angels and spirit guides with us at all times who are willing to help us in any way, as long as we ask.  They will do what they can to help you along your path.

This month the Universe is giving us a blank slate and encouraging each of us to create, manifest, and build the life that our souls desire. Each and every one of us is supported in making our dreams a reality. Have fun, let go and allow yourself to dream, get creative, and manifest the life you’ve always wanted. It is time!

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