November Energy Report

Micara Link
Contributing Writer

For a couple weeks now I have felt a pressure in my throat. I’ve mostly been ignoring it except for at certain times, like when I’m trying to fall asleep, the pressure builds and I work on clearing it by asking my spirit guides for help, imagining myself clearing it with healing energy, and releasing it. Each time I’ve tried to clear it, it doesn’t work. Every day, the pressure is still there. I know this pressure is not physical; it’s energetic. There’s some kind of blockage in my throat chakra. I’ve been asking myself, “What am I not saying?”, “What do I need to communicate and express?” I’d search my life trying to think of something I’ve been repressing, something I need to say to feel more at ease, and I just couldn’t put my finger on it; until tonight.

I asked myself one last time, “Throat Chakra, what are you trying to tell me?” This time the answer came to me. It didn’t have to do with expressing and communicating the spoken word, it pertained to the written word. I needed to start writing again. So here I am back at the keyboard in my pajamas with a cup of warm chamomile and rose petal tea by my side.

We’re sitting at a very beautiful time of change right now. The energies of 11-11-11 brought in a giant cosmic reminder that our thoughts, actions, and intentions create our reality; they create the existence in which we experience here on Earth. This energy portal was like a time of conception, a new beginning, a gateway bringing new life, a new way of living.

Imagine for a moment you just found out you are pregnant (yes, even the guys out there, too).  Imagine all the emotions that come along with this discovery: the joy, fear, happiness, excitement, anticipation, shock…it’s a whirlwind of all kinds of feelings. You realize that your life is not just about you anymore, that chapter of your life is over, and you’re starting a new phase not only for you, but for your baby as well. That is exactly what’s going on in the Earth’s energy right now. The Earth is pregnant full of new life and energy. The energy is shifting from an individual, self-seeking consciousness to a collective consciousness in which the awareness and understanding of our inherent oneness and connection is getting stronger and stronger. We are moving from a “me” stage into a “we” stage.

So, what does this mean? For now it means an increase of awareness and responsibility.  You are going to begin to be more aware of yourself, the community that you live in, and this world than ever before. Think again about being pregnant, all of a sudden your thoughts shift to a higher level of awareness. You begin to be much more aware of your own life and how it’s going to affect this new child, you think about the choices you’ve made, the foundation you built, and the influencing factors all around you. Every piece of food you eat, every chemical you use, the relationships and community around you, every social injustice, social structure and condition in the world is brought to greater attention. A passion and deeper motivation awakens within you to make healthier choices, proactive decisions, and to stand up for what’s right so your child has the best life possible. This passion and motivation is fueled by love. This shift brings to awareness all of the old habits and ways of living that are not in alignment with the spirit of love. Self-deteriorating, toxic, and harmful choices are no longer tolerated and change needs to happen. You are now aware, from a whole new view point, that the choices you make on a personal level no longer only affect you. You now understand that you are an important and influential part of an integral whole and the quality and condition of it rely on you. Earth is experiencing just that, she wants a better place for her new baby, shifts and changes are occurring to clear out the toxic foundation of the past so we can rebuild a new foundation, one that is healthier, more loving, and nurturing. Each of us are a part of Earth’s mission and birth.

This new found awareness is powerful on its own, but only when we each take full responsibility will real change and healing begin. Pregnancy brings with it a lot of new found responsibility. You have this little being growing inside of you and it’s up to you to nurture it, love it, and take care of it so that it grows into a healthy little baby. Our world, the condition that we are in, will not change unless each of us takes personal responsibility for it. There are starving children, brutal wars, blatant discrimination, hate, abuse, and other toxic situations occurring all around the world right now. Many of these things are happening right in your neighborhood or possibly your own home. It’s time to stop this madness, open our eyes to these situations, closing your eyes and ignoring it won’t make it go away. It’s time to take responsibility for your own actions, for your home, your community, and your world. Take a stand in the spirit of love for your new baby; a beautiful, sweet, perfect, new earth.

Now, look at that…the blockage in my throat chakra has cleared. I guess I wasn’t supposed to keep the secret any longer. I needed to tell you, my partners in this world, my co-creators and Earth family, “Honey…We’re pregnant!”

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