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One Percent of the One Percent

By Susie Ekberg
Staff Writer

Q: I’ve never really felt like I was from “around here,” and now I’m getting information about a new kind of lightworkers called avatars, and when I’ve told people about that, I REALLY feel like I don’t belong because most people just stare blankly at me. I know there’s a movie called “Avatar”, but anything beyond that? It feels really important. Thanks.

A: I was really excited when I saw that there was a movie called “Avatar” and frankly, when I saw it, I kept saying to myself, “This is real! This is real!” I had that same kind of goosebumpy feeling when I saw parts of “What the Bleep Do We Know?” as well. That happens when you come upon a part of the Truth as you know it. It just FEELS right. When I got your question about avatars, I got that same goosebumpy feeling, because I’d also gotten some information about them, and had only told one other person. Now I’m going public and will tell you all what I know, not only about the concept of avatars, but also what it might mean that you don’t feel like you’re from around here, as well. It’s all related.

First I will do what you’re never supposed to do in writing: offer a definition. “Avatar: From the Sanskrit word meaning ‘he descends,’ or ‘he crosses over.’ An incarnation in human form.”

Let’s talk about those great avatars first. Here’s what I know: we’re all on a spiritual path, right? But a few years ago (about five from what I know) we were given the choice as to whether we’d like to speed up our pace on our spiritual path so we could get further along in this lifetime. Most of us said, “Sure – just a little bit, please,” and we felt some glitches along the way, but for the most part have been relatively unaffected by the changes in the world around us. Those are those sweet people that look at the rest of us and ask, “What’s wrong with YOU? This is easy!”

A lot of people chose to take a little more arduous path, and were able to work through some difficult patterns and behaviors in their lives. They were able to let go of those things that no longer served them, including relationships, jobs, hometowns, friends, etc. It’s been a bumpy ride, for sure (and it’s not over yet), but life has still been pretty manageable. To any degree that you’ve been experiencing these upheavals, that is probably the degree to which you agreed to “amp up” your life experiences in the name of spiritual growth.

Then there appears to be about one percent of the world population that said, “Hey – it’s not enough to have a lot more put into my life to work out, hit me with your best shot – fire away!” and fired up we got. Symptoms of those 1% include insomnia, sleep pattern disorders, anxiety and depression, digestive and heart problems (not physically necessarily, but you THINK there’s something wrong), and MAJOR life upheavals. So – that’s a ton of fun, right?

But let’s go one step FURTHER and take one percent of THOSE special people, the ones who stepped forward, bowed low, and said, “I’ll do it. I’ll give it everything I can possibly give to clear and clean my soul and my life so that I may be of utmost service to the rest of humanity,” and they, my friends, are the avatars. You do the math – one percent of one percent of the whole world population. That’s not a heck of a lot of people.

Now, again I tell you –- this is just what I know -– I haven’t read it anywhere, or talked to anyone else about any of this. It’s what I’ve personally experienced.

You may know something different, or feel something different, and that’s perfect for you. I personally hate it when self-proclaimed spiritual people say things like, “Oh – this is THEE way it is, for sure!” and I immediately think, “Maybe…” because it’s really hard to say for sure what anything IS or ISN’T. There are just so many different viewpoints, opinions, beliefs, and knowingnesses. I only ever offer what I know, and know that you have your own information.

These avatars, or supercool lightbringers, aren’t always your obvious choices, like monks or nuns or famous writers or speakers. They can be store clerks and stay-at-home dads, they can be grade school teachers or farmers. Another thing to consider is that they don’t ASK if they’re avatars.
They probably don’t even think about the concept of avatars. They just ARE avatars, or avatars-in-training, as I like to put it. I don’t know if there are any avatars that have achieved 100% Avatar status yet, because it’s a pretty steep climb to that summit, and most of us have a lot of mud to slog through before we get everything bright and shined up. That’s the current muck that we’re working on right now.

Have you felt extra-sensitive and emotional lately? Has stuff been coming up right in your face, refusing to leave until you face it and deal with it? Have you been feeling restless and impatient, but oddly depressed and experiencing lack of motivation? Aha – welcome, little avatar-in-training!
We’re all moving toward that avatar state, I think—that place where we’re all connected.

But some have agreed to get there first, so they can help the rest of us. They’re like swathing the path through the thick jungle to make the way easier for us, because we’ve never been this way before, and it can get scary and tiring, and discouraging and looooooong. We need those brave spiritual warriors to lead the way, encouraging us, supporting us, inspiring us, letting us know we can do it, we can make it.

Which brings me to the next part of your question. That feeling of not belonging.

Have you ever looked at a flock of geese flying in formation? One is the lead, one front flyer, in charge and leading the rest. Everyone follows that one, relies on her to get them all where they need to go. How do you think that one feels? Maybe kind of alone when it’s out there in the front, away from the masses? Kind of overwhelmed at certain times? “Maybe I should’ve taken a left at that last lake – crap!” it may be thinking. The responsibilities are great, and maybe the other little geese are complaining that the lead goose isn’t flying fast enough, or going in the right direction, or flying sloppily, or doing it wrong. It’s easy for them to complain – they’re just flying back there looking at the lead goose’s behind.

There’s strength in numbers, in being one of the many, and if you’ve never felt that kind of belonging with a community or tribe, chances are you’re either a lead goose, or mighty close to the front. Do you see? You’re not one of those that likes to hang back with the pack and complain and take it easy, criticizing those that are flying their butts off just to help the rest of us. YOU know we’ve all got places to go, and you’ve always done everything in your power to help not only yourself, but the rest of us, get there safely and in one piece.

On the one hand, it DOES feel lonely not feeling like you belong, but I ask you – when you just sit quietly and take a few deep breaths, do you feel another kind of connection? Do you feel another kind of belonging, deep within you? It’s not about connecting with humans, it’s about connecting with that Divine Pulse that beats through everything and everyone. It’s feeling that rhythm that goes WAY beyond just this human connection. That’s what I’m interested in for you.

I always wanted to be normal (whatever normal means), but I fail miserably every time. I just say things I maybe shouldn’t say, do things that cause others to look strangely at me, wear things that make people stare. I can’t seem to help it. After almost 50 years of being like this, I’m beginning to think that’s just how I am. If that means I don’t fit in, well, that’s too bad – I’m here, and I’m me. Just like you’re here, and you’re you.
If you’re feeling that you don’t fit in with the masses, that’s probably a GOOD thing. Would you be happy eating casserole every Wednesday night, bowling every Friday, and vacationing at Wisconsin Dels every June? I have two words for you – BO RING. If that’s what normal means, no thank you! Give me Pad Thai, salsa dancing and Brighton!

I see that you’re an individual. Others may think you’re kind of strange, and look at you when you say some of your things because they just don’t get where you’re coming from. That’s okay! We’re all in different spots, seeing different things – that doesn’t mean you’re bad or strange or wrong.
It just means that you’re in a different place than those other people. I would encourage you to keep speaking your Truth, keep walking your Path, and keep exploring. You’ve got a great mind and a great capacity for seeing the Light in everyone and every situation. Your voice is clear and true, and frankly, I think we NEED people like you, especially right now. Don’t be afraid or sad that not everyone will understand you. That’s a given. Just trust that you’re doing what you need to do, saying what you need to say and being who you need to be, and by doing all of that, you’re going to be an inspiration to a heck of a lot of people that need inspiration rigiht now.

Don’t give up, don’t give in. Just carry on, avatar-in-training. Carry on. And thank you.

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