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Party On, My Friends

By Susie Ekberg
Staff Writer

Q: I’m always reading about special dates and events that are supposed to be more powerful than other times. Who comes up with these things and are they any more powerful than any other dates? Sometimes I think people just sit around and make this stuff up, because it doesn’t make any sense to me. Do you believe that some days are more powerful than others?

A: Yes and no. I love being decisive. Inherently we personally infuse significance into our daily lives. When we’re younger, life seems to revolve around Christmas, our birthdays, and summer vacation. I guarantee those times are typically VERY important to children. As we get older, we may place more value on upcoming vacations, test days, recitals, tournaments, and parties. As grownups (well, I’m not sure about the ‘grown up’ part, but as adults, anyway), we tend to place value on the weekends and vacations, and retirement. Are you getting the picture? Every day, every moment, IS precious and equal, but in the ebb and flow of our lives, some times stand out as more important, while the rest of our days may ebb back into normalcy and sameness.

And I think that’s good. I know for myself that I’d get REALLY bored if every day were the same. I thrive on variety and intermittent excitement. That makes life like an interesting roller coaster instead of a merry-go-round. Ups and downs and twirls and acceleration and deceleration instead of just one speed, around and around… and around and around. Yawn. So while I think life just IS, without any beginning or end, start or stop, it can feel more like that merry-go-round, and if you like those kinds of rides, that’s great. Otherwise, you create your own exciting ride by adding in the extra twists and turns by focusing on certain events in your life over other events.

So in a way, we can hold two opposing thoughts at the same time. All time IS inherently equal in its value AND also some times are viewed as more because we say they are.

But I’m just talking about how each of us sees and lives our lives. There’s also the universal factor, which is about those individuals who say, “next Tuesday is a very powerful day because…” then fill in the blank. The stars are in alignment, the sun is shooting off its solar flares, the numbers are good, the Twins are playing. Whatever. I’ve done that sometimes – felt a surge of energy around a particular date and sent out a message that if people are interested, they can meditate on peace that day, or whatever. Some dates just seem to lend themselves to importance, like the ever-popular 8.08.08, 9.09.09, and the upcoming 10.10.10. We like sameness, uniformity – it FEELS like something big SHOULD happen on days such as these, doesn’t it? I can’t wait for 11.11.11 – that’s going to be a party, for sure!

But at the same time I think there ARE those energetic swells, I am careful not to get caught up in something just because someone ELSE says it’s so. That goes against my motto of “What do YOU think?” Again, there are no authorities out there anymore -– we’re all in this together, trying to figure it out. We can support, inspire, share our opinions, but nobody has cornered the market on the Truth. I don’t think it’s possible – everything is still so fluid in our world right now.

Individual empowerment is also helping to break the old energy pattern of certain people setting themselves up as more powerful or knowledgeable than others, and using that influence to attain followers or groupies. I don’t want any followers, ever. I want everyone who comes in contact with me to walk away with the feeling that they’re greater than they may have thought before, not less cool than I am. And that’s accomplished with respect and accommodation.

There’s enough room for everyone – there’s enough space for everyone to have a voice. There are enough days for everyone to be able to say, “ I think THIS day is especially important!” and have others hear what they say. As always, I’m more interested in what people’s opinions are, because that’s all we’ve got. No firm facts.

I love that people gather together to celebrate or meditate or pray on certain topics on certain days. I think there’s power in numbers, for sure. So keep declaring days “National Eat-Some-Chocolate” Day – I’m all for it!

But always keep in mind that in the end WE decide what has importance for us, and what’s important to us may not be important to anyone else. And that’s okay. We can’t expect others to go along with us just because we want them to. But if others join us -– great! It’s a party!

If not, celebrate in your own way – light a candle, meditate, go for a walk. We make our traditions, our sacredness, every minute of every day, and that is where the Core is – deep inside of us. When we share that Core with the rest of the world, something magical happens. We begin to remember, and begin to feel that Oneness that has always been there, but has perhaps been forgotten. This is a time of remembering, of awakening, of reconnecting, and creating those celebratory days is a sweet part of it.

So, party on, my friends, there’s always something special right in front of you! And if any of you have any suggestions for upcoming holiday days, let me know! Let’s get the party started! How about the whole month of July being National Do One Nice Thing a Day for Someone Else Month? I’m all for that. Beyond that -– the sky’s the limit, so e-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with your funky ideas for new holidays, and I’ll share them so we can all celebrate!

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