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Pendulums, Tarot Cards, and Runes

Q: Susie, some people believe sincerely in Astrology. Others in numerology, or palmistry, or even the shapes of our heads, as ways to ‘understand’ or ‘interpret’ our reasons for existing. I recently heard that some believe our names are in fact ‘whispered’ to the mom/dad to appropriately dub the newborn, and that our names actually carry considerable significance and insight. What do you think we should think?

A: First, you should figure out what makes sense to you. There are so many “props” out there to aid you in understanding the greater world. How about pendulums, tarot cards, runes? On and on.

When I first became interested in alternative things, over 20 years ago, I read and re searched and tried almost everything I could get my hands on.
Some stuff made sense, so I filed it under “keep,” and other stuff didn’t resonate, so I disregarded it.
After a while, it seemed to me that there was something wrong with how I was going about things. It was always as if I was getting information through an interpreter, second generation, never first hand.

So I stopped looking around on the outside world, and started going within. I started by doing tai chi, and meditating every day, noticing how I reacted and felt about different things in my world.

I started journaling in earnest, writing down how I felt, making contact with my higher self, exploring my unique soul realm.

And I really worked on trusting myself and the information I was receiving, rather than relying on books or things or other people all the time.

That’s when it felt right to me—like I was experiencing and learning about my world through myself, not through someone else’s eyes, or through an inanimate object or theory.
Don’t get me wrong. All of that stuff is pretty fun, so play around with it if you want to, but I wouldn’t believe 100% of the information you receive that way.

For instance, I got a frantic call from a client who had worked with a pendulum, and through a series of subjective and emotionally-charged questions, got the information that she was going to die on April 1st. Of course, she was pretty freaked out, and wanted me to help her straighten things out.

The first thing that I told her was that she needed to trust her own intuition.
The second thing that I told her was that these kind of props would not give her that kind of information.
The third thing that I told her was that using props is a fallible method at best for self-discovery. There’s just too much room for error when you’re going through an interpreter (an outside source).

I think numerology’s fascinating, I’ve studied quite a bit about astrology, and likewise find it pretty fascinating, and I’m sure there’s something about our names, as all three of my children has some pretty good stories about how they got their names.

But regarding predicting the future through any outside means? Nah—not too much, because I think the future is more fluid than fixed.

When I “see” something that’s in the future, it’s what I call an “energy probability,” which means that this particular outcome feels like it has the strongest possibility of coming true, knowing that the person could walk out the door in 5 minutes and change absolutely everything. That’s just how it works, from what I know.

So delve in and splash around if it sounds interesting, but then I would strongly suggest that you take the time to trust yourself, and get to know yourself by doing any number of introspective things like meditation, writing, yoga, tai chi, chi kung, and see how that feels for you.

It’s totally understandable to think you can find some expert “out there” that can give you your answers, but I don’t think that’s true.

All the answers to all the questions you have or will ever have are right inside of you.

You just have to trust that’s true, then trust the answers when you get them.

It’s a work in progress, I’m telling you, and I’m living proof of that!!

If you find some interesting stuff in the meanwhile, please let me know!

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