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By Micara Link
Staff Writer

How would you like it if your doctor really got to know you, took the time to create a treatment plan that was individualized just for you, and educated you on prevention and treatment options? Well, you’re in luck if that sounds like something you’d like because Dr. Todd and Dr. Molly Ferguson of Prairie Naturopathic Doctors do just that and a whole lot more.

Prairie Naturopathic Doctors is a new naturopathic clinic located at 1904 30th Avenue South, Moorhead, MN. Owners, Drs. Todd & Molly Ferguson, work to identify and remove obstacles to healing while supporting the innate process of healing. As primary care providers, Drs. Todd and Molly, are trained to treat people with a wide range of conditions, from rashes and indigestion to thyroid disorders and blood sugar problems. The clinic offers Naturopathic evaluation, treatment, and midwifery.

Dr. Todd earned his undergraduate degree at Concordia College in Moorhead, and then completed a four-year doctoral program at the Naturopathic Medical School of Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, the largest university for natural health arts and sciences in the United States.

Dr. Todd Ferguson sees patients with a wide variety of health concerns and has interests in chronic pain conditions, gastrointestinal health, chronic skin conditions, blood sugar disorders, heart health and thyroid dysfunction. “One of the things I love about naturopathic medicine,” says Dr. Todd, “is that it addresses all aspects of a person - physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual - in order to identify and treat the root causes of disease.”

Dr. Molly completed her undergraduate studies at the Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH and then went on to complete a four year doctoral program at the Naturopathic Medical School of Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. Molly also obtained a certificate of Naturopathic Midwifery. Dr. Molly Ferguson sees patients with a wide variety of health concerns and has interests in women and children’s health. Molly is a licensed midwife and expert in natural childbirth with over 150 births delivered.

I had the opportunity to sit down with both doctors this past week to learn more about their practice.

High Plains Reader: What exactly is Naturopathic Medicine?

Drs. Todd & Molly Ferguson: Naturopathic medicine is a system of medicine that stimulates the body’s innate ability to heal itself with the use of natural therapeutics. Naturopathic medicine has six basic principles that serve as a foundation for all naturopathic care: The Healing Power of Nature, Identify and Treat the Causes, First Do No Harm, Doctor as Teacher, Treat the Whole Person, and Prevention.

HPR: What is a first visit like?

Drs: An initial visit to the clinic involves a thorough case history intake, physical exam, appropriate lab tests, and time for question and answer with your doctor. It is a very nurturing, personal, and relaxing process. We want to hear your story and learn about your history.

HPR: Do you accept insurance?

Drs: We don’t do any insurance billing, but can give you the appropriate codes to do so yourself. Not many insurance companies cover our services, but there are a few out there. Many people use their flex plans and pay out-of-pocket. An average charge for your first visit is $150 and any follow up return visits are usually around $75. We have discounts for college students and children.

HPR: What types of treatment do you provide?

Drs: We provide nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, visceral manipulation and laser therapy. All treatments are personal and individualized. We have a lot of success with patients through nutritional and dietary changes. Natural remedies, such as herbs provide the flexibility of personalization to each patient so we are able to create treatments that are specific to each individual’s needs while working with their body’s natural ability to heal.

HPR: As doctors, what is your passion?

Drs: Our passion is teaching patients tools for optimal health and wellness; and that the basics of health, specifically nutrition, are important and really make a difference in ones wellbeing.

HPR: What led you down this path as Naturopathic Doctors?

Dr. Molly: My mother was very interested and involved in natural health care. I was raised this way and always knew that I wanted to treat people through natural medicine.

Dr. Todd: My father was an M.D. so I had the opportunity to learn a lot about conventional medical care. I saw my family members who suffered from chronic illness and it occurred to me that there was a gap in conventional care, specifically when working with chronic disease. I became very interested in prevention and the basics of health care.

HPR: Any closing thoughts you’d like to share?

Drs: Prairie Naturopathic Doctors want to work with you to create a health care plan for healthier living. Vital, natural health is what we work towards providing our patients. We look forward to meeting you, listening to your health care concerns, and assisting you in creating a wellness plan to achieve wholeness through natural health care.

Micara Link is an Intuitive Soul Coach, Certified Past Life Coach and Reiki Master.

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What: Prairie Naturopathic Doctors
Where: 1904 30th Ave S, Moorhead
When: By appointment
Info: 218.284.1188



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