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Psy-chic: Shine!

By Micara Link
Contributing Writer

You are magnificent. You are powerful. You are perfect. You are light, love, and all that other good stuff… right? Well, whether you believe me or not, I invite you to come along with me and take this journey as I write each week on topics that are sure to inspire your soul, expand your mind, open your heart, test your beliefs, educate, and hopefully through it all, help you find a deeper connection to yourself in mind, body, and spirit.

We are all spiritual beings experiencing life in a physical form. We bring the elements of body, mind, and spirit together to create a cohesive working whole. In order to maintain the flow and wellness of our complete self, it’s important to nourish, strengthen, and heal each separate yet connected part of ourselves.

As individuals, when we heal, maintain wellness, and balance within ourselves, we in turn create a ripple effect that carries that state of being out into the world around us. This last statement reminds me of one of my favorite and very famous quotes by Ghandi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” That sums it up exactly. It begins with you and begins with what you ARE. You cannot change anyone else, nor can you create a better world if you cannot create that same existence within yourself. So ask yourself, “What kind of World would I like to live in?”, “What change do I wish to see?” and “How can I begin to create that change within myself?”

My intent is to provide a sacred space for you to reconnect with yourself, to find direction if you need it, and to be the catalyst for positive change in your life and ultimately the world… all of this while having fun along the way. Because that’s what life is about anyway, right?

By now you are probably wondering, “Who is this chick?” and “How does she know this stuff?” Well, I’m just a regular girl, but I also happen to be a Psychic Intuitive, Certified Soul Coach, Certified Past Life Coach, and Reiki Master.

As a psychic I have the ability to psychicly see, feel and hear, with my strongest psychic sense as feeling. I feel everything from people’s thoughts and emotions to electricity and lay-lines in the Earth. When I do personal readings for people, I use all of my psychic senses because each pulls out different information. The most common type of readings I do are Aura (the soul’s expression of itself in color), Chakras (the energy body’s seven main centers), and messages from spirit guides and the person’s soul. My psychic abilities have opened up a doorway for me to see the world from a different perspective. This new perspective has taught me a lot and has given me the ability to “tap in” and receive guidance and information that is for the highest good of all.

People often wonder when I’m around them if I am psychically reading them, the answer is no. Ethically, I feel it is wrong to read someone without their permission and really, you guys, I don’t want to read every single person I encounter in a day. It would be constant information overload.

One of my greatest passions is assisting people in connecting to their soul and their inner wisdom, to find the answers from within. You have all the answers to all of your deepest questions. You don’t need a psychic, “expert”, or spiritual guru to give you the answers. Yes, that might be easier, but the most empowering and self-loving thing you can do is to listen to your heart, trust it, and go!

I know it can be difficult at times to “hear” the messages from within and I know it can be scary, especially if we’ve been ignoring it for so long, but once you clear away all the “junk”—the stuff that is keeping you unhappy, stuck, and feeling unfulfilled—you will be able to clearly and effortlessly hear your mind, body, and soul speaking to you and guiding you through your life. Living your life from that state of awareness is something I think most of us want.

As you read my words, you’ll realize how true it is when I say: You are Magnificent, You are Powerful, You are Love, You are Light, and you’ll also have a list of other qualities you’ve discovered along the way.

Now, it’s time for me to hear from you. What are your concerns? When you have questions about Body, Mind, Spirit and wellness, I’m your Psy-Chick! I intend to bring forward a variety of different perspectives so write me with your questions about love, life, and the pursuit of your happiness, and I’ll be sure to respond. 

I look forward to this journey with you. Keep shining your light! And until next time, with all my love and support, Micara Link

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Editor’s Note:Micara Link is a Certified Soul Coach, Certified Past Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Psychic Intuitive based in Fargo, ND. For more information, visit: http://www.soulspirationsbymicara.com.


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