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Reincarnation and Its Contents

By Micara Link
Staff Writer

One of your first questions when considering past life therapy might be, “Why is this helpful?” or “Is it really necessary?” It may not be necessary or even helpful to everyone, but for many, experiences are profound, lasting, and healing.

Oftentimes past life therapy is used when nothing else has worked. The purpose of past life therapy is to connect with the origin of the ailment. Other therapies may only focus on the cessation of the symptoms, never addressing the source; this approach may not be entirely healing. To better explain, I’ll use a story based on the real life experiences of a client who suffered from chronic stomach aches.

This client spent years in search of a cure. She consulted a medical doctor, chiropractor, psychologist, and tried acupuncture, herbs, and supplements. Nothing she did completely healed the pain. Her stomach aches persisted. At this point, she decided to try a past life regression. It couldn’t hurt, right?

The client met with her past life coach. After completing her intake form, interview, and discussing her ailment with her coach, they were ready to begin the regression. Before they started, the coach and client set the intention that she will be regressed into the life that is causing her stomach aches. Relaxing…letting go…transitioning into her past life she sees herself as a 50 year old, homeless, male. He’s thin, hunched over, and hungry. The village he lives in treats him horribly: spitting at him, ignoring him, treating him like he’s scum-of-the-earth. He in turn feels worthless, helpless, and ashamed. The end of his life is spent feeling empty, in body and spirit. He believes that he is exactly how the villagers see him: worthless and something to be ashamed of. Starvation ultimately ended his life.

During this regression, the client sobs. She remembers what it was like to be this man. Releasing the repressed emotions that were stored in her body from that lifetime was exactly what she needed to do. It was those emotions that were the cause of her stomach aches. Within a day, her stomach aches ceased and she has not had one since.

That is just one example of how powerful and healing past life therapy can be. I am not suggesting that it is a cure-all by any means. You should consult a doctor and other healing practitioners concerning your overall health.

Are you curious about your past lives? Would you like to take a peek into your past? Listed below are a few techniques used to gain further insight:

Past Life Regression: Past Life Regressions may only be performed by a certified or licensed professional. Many hypnotherapists are licensed to perform regressions as well as Certified Past Life Coaches. In a past life regression, the practitioner guides you into your subconscious where the memories of your past lives reside. You and the practitioner work together in this exploration and healing process. Many people feel nervous about past life regressions because of the fear of remembering something very unpleasant or feeling out of control. You are always in complete control of your regression and experience. The practitioner is simply your guide to your past, but it is you who controls what happens. I also believe that your soul will not guide you to a life that you are not ready to experience. You will be guided to the lifetime that is for your highest good. A regression is done through deep relaxation. It is in this state that the memories are able to surface easily and effortlessly.

Dreams: How fun would it be to experience your past lives while you sleep? You can! When we sleep, the gateway to our subconscious opens and we are able to receive information about our past lives. To experience past life dreams, before you go to sleep at night set the intention that you will dream about one of your past lives. Repeat your intention over and over in your head as you fall asleep. Keep a journal and a pen next to your bed so you are ready to write down any images, feelings, or impressions you experienced. Trust the process. Your dreams may not make sense right away. Continue to set this intention multiple nights in a row and you will begin to see your past reveal itself to you.

Past Life Clues: Have you ever met someone and had an immediate like or dislike for them? Are you drawn to a specific culture or period in history? These are a couple examples of past life clues. By carefully examining your life today, you can pick up on clues that give you information about the past. Pay attention to things in your life that you really love or detest. It is often our strong emotional responses to things that are giving us clues into the past. Here is a list of some areas to explore: childhood games, clothing styles, cultures, food preferences, occupation or hobbies, talents and abilities, climates, and geographical locations are a few good areas to begin your exploration.

Exploring your past lives can be healing and even fun. It may not be for everyone, but for those of you that are curious, let the adventures begin!

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