Riding the Wave: October Energy Report 2010

By Micara Link
Staff Writer

Wow! September’s energy shift was a doozy!  Even though I saw what was coming, I was still thrown off by the intensity of it. For the first time in three years, I experienced high amounts of anxiety, along with sleeplessness, irritability, increased fear and feelings of instability. 

I held a meditation last month to help those in attendance gain more balance, healing, and find trust in these times of uncertainty. Before we started the meditation, I asked everyone in the room to describe how the last month or two had been for them and almost every single person there said the same thing: anxiety, frustration, craziness, overwhelmed, feeling like there was no consistency in their life, unstable, scared, major life changes and more. 

I loved the candidness of the group and their willingness to share their experiences.  It was an example of how we all are truly connected. Because of their similar experiences, everyone in that room came to the meditation that night to heal, gain a stronger sense of balance, and move more freely into their soul’s flow. 

If you have been feeling really unstable and uncertain these past few weeks, remember you are not alone. We’ve all chosen to be here at this time to be an anchor for divine light and to assist in the transformation of this planet. 

If you’re still feeling those symptoms listed above, take a few moments to relax your muscles, quiet your mind, breathe deeply, and ask for the support of your spirit guides and angels. Keep doing this and the fear, anxiety and uncertainty will float away and you’ll be able to sense the spiritual support that is always around you.

As we move into October, I see that September’s intense shift is still here rolling its way through each of us. I see that as a whole, the shift resembles a tidal wave.

While some of us are at the bottom, others are at the peak, and others are just coming down. We all move through the shift at our own time and pace. 

By the end of October we will be coming to the tail end of all of this. There will be a smoothing out. The energy will be more grounded, we’ll feel more secure, and we’ll get a sense of the new energetic space that we will be existing in.

I’m being shown that for many of us, it is a time to simply be. We are being held up, in midair, surrounded by a stillness. If we try to do what we’ve always done we’ll experience roadblocks because this old path is no longer working for us. If we try to do something new, we won’t get feedback to encourage it. It’s just not time yet, so let it all go. 

You are not encouraged to make any big decisions right now. Be in this stillness. At exactly the perfect time, you will shift into your new energy flow where opportunities, ideas, and your new path will unfold easily and effortlessly. Right now, patiently wait it out. It won’t be long until you feel the energy boost to get back out there and create.

Living in a fast-paced, immediate-gratification society, many of us aren’t accustomed to feeling comfortable in stillness. We want answers now! 

Just for this month, reconnect and embrace this stillness. Be gentle with yourself.  See the beauty of not knowing and being open to all the potential possibilities.

Being present in the stillness will help you see more clearly where you are at, what it is your soul desires, and what steps to take to get there. Stillness provides clarity and by the looks of all this crazy energy shifting, we could all use a little more clarity.

As we begin to reach the base of the wave at the end of this month, divinely-guided coincidences and synchronicities will begin to occur. These are like little (and sometimes big!) affirmations from Spirit, guiding you along your path, sprinkling you with love, guidance and support.

So, for the next few weeks you might as well breathe, let go, get out your boogie board and ride this wave to shore.

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