Running for Our Lives

Welcome to the Daddy Dispatch, the premier column for stay-at-home dads in the Red River Valley.  My wife Nelly and I switched roles several months ago when she took a full-time job, so now I get to do dishes, change diapers, and plan meals. I am having the time of my life, and our little family is thriving. Nelly is enjoying the professional world, Baby Boots is walking and talking up a storm, and I have taken up jogging and re-discovered my love of juggling.

As I admitted a moment ago, I have become one of them, a runner.  Nelly even bought me a new pair of running shoes for Father’s Day to seal the deal.  Baby Boots and I are now able to load up the jogger stroller in North Moorhead, cross the Main Avenue bridge within fifteen minutes, and find ourselves deep in the heart of Lindenwood Park twenty minutes later.

Despite all of the nasty things I may have said about runners over the years, there are all kinds of advantages for a daddy on the run.  First off, babies like motion.  As long as Baby Boots is going somewhere, he’s not going crazy. 

The next big plus is that we can easily hit three or four parks in an afternoon as our range has been extended big-time.  Our natural habitat now stretches from the toll bridge in the north to I-94 in the south, and spans both downtowns in their entirety. 

Finally, there are the personal advantages to literally running around town. I have lost twenty-five pounds and saved hundreds of dollars in gasoline over the last few months.

Have you noticed that gasoline costs more than it used to?  Have you noticed that your pants don’t quite fit like they used to? You can solve both problems by literally running errands!  If we all pitch in and do our part we can slow down and possibly even reverse global waistline expansion.  After all, we’re not just running for the heck of it, we are running for our lives.

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