September Energy Report: Shake, Rattle, and Roll

By Micara Link
Staff Writer

September is here and it honestly took me by surprise. I don’t know how you feel, but it seemed that this summer went by faster than most. This upcoming month, be ready to shake, rattle, and roll! New foundations and beginnings are to the forefront.

When I tune into the energy of each month, what I’m doing is looking at the flow of energy on a broad scale. Everyone’s life is different, with different circumstances, situations, and of course, our free will gives us an infinite range of choices, so outcomes and realities vary, but there is always a permeating energy that is affecting us as a whole.

Earth is a living organism with its own evolving spiritual energy, just like us. As the energy of Earth shifts and evolves, so do we, and vice versa.  We are literally all connected, all one.

What I do when I tune into the energy of the month is look at the energy from that level, from the place that shows me what type of energy is permeating our lives on an overall level.

September brings us all to a point that will lead us into focusing on two main themes: Trust and Truth.

The month of September will not be as energetically intense as last month, but it will be more physically intense, meaning, that September’s shifts will happen more in your physical reality whereas August was more about your internal, energetic, and emotional reality.

September shows me that many of us will be experiencing shaky, new foundations.  It is a time to re-evaluate, re-organize, and reflect as our old foundations are no longer working for us. This month will be full of new opportunities, new beginnings, and a fresh platform on which you can create a new space to exist in. 

Spirit is guiding you to trust this month. When you feel everything around you unearthing and shaking up, trust in spirit, trust in God, trust that it is all in divine order.

You may feel very unstable and fearful during these times of change and re-creation. That is completely normal and ok.

Change usually causes us to feel fear because change equals instability and as humans, we want stability because that means safety and survival. Change is never ending.  No matter how much you want to avoid change, it will always be there.

So in those times of uncertainty, trust in your spirit because one thing that is always stable is Spirit.

One of the catalysts for this change is the resurrection of truth. Deceit, lies, and unclear intentions will be exposed. 

This month is a good time for you to reflect on your own untruths. What are you denying in yourself? In what ways are you being less than authentic? Be honest with yourself, seek truth, and let go of anything that is not in alignment with your truths. 
Letting go of the falsities in our lives and shaking up our foundations is necessary and healing. It gives us a wake-up call to rethink, rebuild, and refortify our lives for the better.

To move forward in accordance with your soul, it is necessary to release anything that is not serving you for the highest good.

This month is the perfect time to trust and follow any inspiration and new ideas that you receive. This is the Universe speaking through you! The new foundation that is forming is giving you an opportunity to create anything that you want, so follow your heart, soul, and passion.

As I am typing this, I am feeling an energetic tension and cleansing in my throat chakra. I began to sing spontaneously! 

By now I know when the Universe is working through me to deliver a message so here it is. The throat chakra is a center of energy located, as its name implies, at the throat. This energy center is related to communication, truth, speaking up, honesty, and self-expression. 

The throat chakra is healthiest and most balanced when we are able to honestly and truthfully express ourselves effectively. 

This is exactly what the energy of September is encouraging us all to do, so pay attention to your throat chakra this month.  Be conscientious in your authenticity of self-expression and communication.

You will be gaining a lot of wisdom this month as you sift through the untruths of your life and forge ahead into the unknown. You can do it. You have the support of Spirit, God, and The Creator in all that you experience. Trust in your Truth. All will be well.

We are all in this together. What you’re going through, others experience; the questions that you have, others have too. Feel free to send me your thoughts, comments, and questions that you’d like me to address. 

I’d love to hear from you.

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