Shift Happens

By Susie Ekberg
Staff Writer

Q: Do your spirit guides ever give you insight/advice about local/nationwide issues? Just wondering because I think it would be fascinating to ask them about what’s going on around us and what advice they would have about how we should behave with one another or how to deal with issues in our community.

A: Thank you for a very interesting question! First off, though, I think I need to clarify that I don’t really call what I do “talking to my spirit guides.” There are countless books and workshops out there that talk about guides and angels, ascended masters, enlightened beings, and on and on. And on.

I’ve never really been one to get too caught up in the semantics of what is what, because in the end, I don’t think we ever really know for sure! All I know and trust is what I know and trust, names and labels aside. I communicate with myself, a more aware, expanded self that’s connected to everything and everybody.

Having said that, no, I haven’t looked into local or national issues since I got information on the presidential candidates! So let’s do that now, shall we?

I’ll start on the local level. Wow – the first thing I saw is the same symbol I’ve been seeing for years. It’s the Flower of Life, if you’ve ever seen that. It’s a series of interconnecting circles with five spokes within each circle. Each spoke is a part of the adjoining circle.

This is telling me several things, the most important for our region being that we have been victims of globalization for too long now. It does not sustain nor nurture nor support us, and what I call hubs are popping up all over, central places where locally grown food is grown and shipped for purchase, as well as goods and services. With a hub every 100 miles, no longer will we have to get everything from halfway across the world, wasting fuel and time. I’m seeing our region as one of the first truly successful hubs that will act as an inspiration for not only the rest of the country, but for the world.

I’m seeing our community as a great gathering of enlightened minds and progressive thinkers, but it looks as if one thing we still need to work on is tolerance and acceptance and respect for differing opinions. I can see the opposing factions on the fringe of both extremes, and they both look very rigid and narrow-minded. That is stopping the community from moving forward as a whole.

This situation seems to come up over and over again in local politics, with an issue being raised, then polarization almost instantly leeching in to slow everything down. Some issues never seem to get resolved because of this tendency (the 10 Commandments Monument comes to mind). If everyone were willing to adopt an attitude of “how can we make this work” instead of “how can I win,” I think we’d make some really good progress.

On the national level I’m seeing some more difficult obstacles to overcome. Our whole region is pretty good about living within our means and finding joy in things beyond just the material. Maybe it’s our great conservative Midwestern mindset, maybe it’s because our part of the country just ROCKS. But when I look at the rest of the country in general, I’m seeing someone looking at their world with a certain vision, but that vision is fading, and there needs to be a new perspective. But most people aren’t willing (or able) to see things with fresh eyes.

If it’s always been about acquiring wealth and ‘toys,’ you’re going to fight for that life until your last breath. If it’s always been about destroying the competition and squashing those who get in your way, you’re going to have a tough time believing that cooperation and support is the wave of the future. There are different pockets of awareness found throughout the country, so not every place is going through the same growth at the same time. As I said before, our area appears to be a little more ‘enlightened’ when it comes to being aware of our connections to each other, so the switchover from opponent to proponent isn’t such a giant leap for us.

That’s great for us! Not so great for those pockets where there’s more of a disconnect for people. That appears to be causing a lot of the schisms in housing, employment, economics and people getting along with each other. Until people’s personal attitudes come more into alignment with the Universal Energy of Unity and Cooperation, it looks like there will be continued friction.

The BP oil spill was horrific on several levels. It was horrible that it could’ve happened in the first place, it was horrible that it took so long to stop (I pray it’s stopped), it was horrible that so much was destroyed, it was horrible that so much oil was wasted.

But one good thing I saw was all of the people praying and sending energy to that part of the world. People CARED, and people were taking whatever action they could to bring correction to the situation. That’s a good change that I’ve been seeing lately. THAT’S the Unity Energy of which I’m speaking, and that’s crucial to our world’s spiritual evolution.

All of the current national and international imbalances look like growth pains of everyone (people AND institutions) who are caught between the old and the new. Just as birth pangs are painful, they are also a necessary part of the process of bringing the new into the world. With expansion and growth comes pain – it’s painful to stretch the old to expand into the new. It just is.

Will we all be able to make this transition from the Old to the New? Yes, if that’s what we decide. Otherwise, we’ll make the decision to move on and do something else, somewhere else. That goes for businesses, institutions AND people. Look what happened to the VHS tapes, the cassette tapes, telegrams, coal stoves? As the world evolves, the old drops off, no longer necessary or needed. The same goes for us.

The best thing you can do to help the whole world is to start with yourself. Make yourself your main priority. Take good care of yourself, be conscientious, responsible, respectful of others, try to lower your demands on the earth’s resources, be kind, be patient, practice tolerance. It may seem impossible – there are so many people in the world – but I truly believe that we are the only ones that CAN make a difference, one person at a time. And I for one am glad I live where I do, because I love all of us and our goodness, and I know that the world is going to keep getting better and better because I think everything moves toward perfection and wholeness.

When we work to have peace within ourselves, we radiate that out to the rest of the world, and that then affects everything. I know I may sound blindly optimistic a lot of the time, but I know energy and how it works, and I really believe that working on this basic level is the key to shifting everything else you were asking about.

And as I always say, “shift happens,” so we’d better shift WITH it or it’s going to be a lot harder on us, and I, for one, don’t especially like difficulties, do you? And I don’t think it HAS to be difficult. Change IS work, but work CAN be fun. I sign up for the fun.

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