Sticker up the Pump

By Al Ness
Contributing Writer

Yep, just what the title says, sticker up the pump.

By which I mean…

If gasoline is what makes cars drive and cars driving here and there and EVERYWHERE is what’s wrecking the planet and gasoline is sold locally the world over…then maybe there needs to be a warning sticker, like on a pack of cigarettes, right there on all the gas pumps all across the readership area of this paper, then across the state, the country and then the globe, in all the world’s fine languages, on all the gas pumps.

Thereby, when lazy Americans (North and South), Europeans, Asians, Africans, Australians and Antarcticans fill up their tanks, they will be reminded that the problem is right there at the pump, not in Kyoto, not in Washington DC, right there is the source of the trouble. Face our addiction of oil one sticker at a time, one consumer at a time each and every fill up on all pumps across the land.

If there are laws that protect ONE life required on ALL packs of cigarettes; then why not warning stickers to protect ALL of our lives, on ALL of the pumps?

Yet, power to the people! If the Government were required to print the stickers, they would balk at the cost in these tough times, as well they should. (Doesn’t big oil own the government anyway?) However, the ones across the planet acting as one united can achieve the seemingly impossible, while the separated society surrenders our future in exchange for leisure and the convenience of the moment or a whim to drive.

Seriously, drive less.

Walk—like we have since we began, (you still can!)

Ride a bike. The comfort and fit, technology and craftsmanship on today’s bikes are crazy-cool and amazing. Get a proper-fitting bike and learn how to keep it current and tuned, then just-plain-ride-your-bike. Sell the car and buy two or three or four.

Ride from the first of spring, to the last of fall, the minimum ride time around this region.

Walk or bike your own personal radius of cycling comfort at first, and increase with practice. It’s fun on the right bike, un-fun on the wrong. Don’t hate cycling because you rode a crapcycle. Shop around for the freedom machine that sets you free.

Because, after purchase, it IS free.

Free to ride until a flat or fix or fancy new star-fangled nut catches the eye, requiring its purchase and installation.
Ride plain, ride rad, ride safe and sensible, whatever suits your style, skills or situation.

Use the moped or motorcycle for mid-range to near-far, and save the gas-hog car for urgent or far. Better yet, use the bus and bring your bike so you aren’t stranded upon arrival.

So, as far as the wording for these gas station stickers, this is just a preliminary example.

Any suggestions that can word it even more powerfully are welcome, as are foreign language stickers.

Warning: this product is a known contributor to global warming; use alternative forms of transportation whenever possible. Please conserve-drive less.

Go ride your bike, flabby!

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