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Switching Channels

By Susie Ekberg
Staff Writer

Q: I’ve heard a lot about channeling, but everyone I’ve seen actually do it sounds and looks like a joke. Is it for real, and how can you know if someone is really channeling or just doing a stand-up routine?

A: What a great couple of questions – thanks! When I first heard about channeling over 20 years ago, the only one I knew who was doing it was JZ Knight, who channeled Ramtha, some really ancient guy. JZ would stand up, plant her legs far apart, and start talking in a blustering, booming voice as she strutted around. What a crock of baloney, I thought.

About 12 years ago I had the opportunity of hearing a woman do a live channel, and a really odd thing happened -– the quality of the air in the room changed, and I found it hard to breathe! Obviously something energetical was happening, and although I still didn’t really resonate with what the woman was saying, it felt a little more authentic. Then, about 10 years ago I decided to make the switch from just listening to my intuition to seeing what would happen if I SPOKE my intuition, if I let my connection to Source be so strong that the words from that higher Place could be spoken by me. At first I was worried – would I sound like a dork? What would I say? Would I be in control of myself? I decided to give it a try at a woman’s retreat I was attending, and man was I blown away!

I personally don’t like the term “channeling” because it implies something just going through you and not necessarily being OF you, like you’re just a TV channel and the signal’s going through you to the TV set, separate. I can only speak for myself, but I think it’s more a matter of connecting to your own expanded Self, then speaking from that place of greater perspective. I do that a lot on my website blog at, if you’d like to see more of what I’m talking about.

I haven’t heard of anyone in this area doing that kind of work, but I think it will become increasingly prevalent as people work with their own gifts a little more. It’s something that comes from a lot of experience, not something that magically happens overnight. It takes trust and commitment and determination and openness. So I’ll call it maybe “becoming.” No authentic ‘channeler’ should tell you anything that frightens you -– heck, nobody should ever TELL you what to do, period. The words should be comforting, you should feel really good while you’re listening to it. There should be no separate ego to be heard or felt in the message, and everybody should feel as if the message were being spoken directly to them.

Is it important to know who someone is channeling? I once heard a great New Age joke about two guys channeling Jesus who got into a fist fight on stage at a psychic symposium. Hilarious. I think we humans like labels and names, but there’s no such thing in the greater realms -– it’s all just energy.

But having said that, I was curious as to just what I was doing, so I kept at it until I arrived at some kind of answer, but it’s not about names. It’s about who I am, and I think that’s even more important. It’s also a human ego thing to brag that “I channel Mother Mary,” or “my channel’s more powerful than your channel” kind of thing. Who cares? If you trust the person, and resonate with her message, then just relax and listen.

If you are interested, I’d like to give you a sampling of your very own message that I’ll “channel” for you right now. It’s just an example of this type of work that I do. Sometimes 100% of my reading for someone is this type of message. Again, I’ve never seen anyone else in this area do this type of Work, and if someone says they do, and it doesn’t feel right for you, chances are you’ve accidentally stumbled into a spiritual Comedy Club. If you want to listen just for a laugh, go ahead and stay. Otherwise, better go find somebody else to listen to, or try switching channels. Okay, hang on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen, I offer you my “becoming” message:

Dear ones – it is indeed a pleasure to sit here with you this afternoon on this beautiful sunny day. You may be lamenting the fact that there have been many cloudy days of late in your life, but we remind you that you are that much more appreciative of the sun if you also experience the clouds, and if it weren’t for the clouds appearing at times, your world would burn up.

How are you faring these days? Feeling hot? Feeling exhausted? Overwhelmed? How are your dreams? Are they filled with the deep images and symbols that wake you up, wondering what it’s all about? These are special times, we assure you. You are accelerating at a spiritual growth rate comparable to nothing the world has ever experienced before. You are making connections faster than the speed of light, reattaching your spiritual wires to Home, that place of wholeness and completeness that you have moved from when you entered into this current life. If you were to take a few minutes out of every day and just sit quietly, feeling these new energies as they course through your body, you might appreciate more fully all that is unfolding in your life at this time.

Your patterned response is usually to bolt at the first sign of discomfort, so maybe you’re not anxious to spend too much time in your body or life at this present moment, but we urge you to stop, feel, and appreciate. Look at how far you’ve come! Don’t look far down the road to how much is left, or lament that you’re not walking fast enough. You are doing everything exactly perfectly for you, in exactly the right way, in the right timing. It would be impossible to do anything less.

Be gentle with yourself, especially at this time. Give yourself a break. Give yourself a lot of breaks. Relax. And as always, breathe. It is the most important tool to help you through your days. This summer should be long and warm, and you should be able to rest enough so that when it turns cool again, you will be ready for your next step. Just trust your process and ask for help when needed.

And always always remember – you are never alone AND you are dearly loved, just because. As always…

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